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2020.11.08 05:33 fftamahawk009 MEDICINE AT MIDNIGHT - Info Megathread

This is a megathread devoted to the upcoming 10th Foo Fighters record, Medicine At Midnight!

Available February 5th, 2021
Produced by Greg Kurstin, engineered by Darrell Thorp (fuck you Darrell!) and mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent.


  1. Making a Fire (4:15)
  2. Shame Shame (4:17) - Watch iTunes Apple Music Spotify Youtube Music Amazon Deezer
  3. Cloudspotter (3:53)
  4. Waiting on a War (4:13)
  5. Medicine at Midnight (3:29)
  6. No Son of Mine (3:28)
  7. Holding Poison (4:24)
  8. Chasing Birds (4:12)
  9. Love Dies Young (4:21)
TRT: 37 minutes


Official Website
Target Exclusive Edition - Alternate Album Cover
JB Hi-Fi AU Exclusive Orange Vinyl
Seasick Records Exclusive Blue Vinyl

January 1 - Come on in, the water’s fine...
January 2 - A snippet of new drums!
January 3 - Oh my.
January 14 - "Buckle up, 2020... it’s going to be an INSANE year full of some seriously crazy shit..."
October 9 - The band's mailing list starts sending out bi-weekly retrospectives of each album, with roman numerals (LPI, LPII, LPIII, LPIV, LPV, etc.) It is soon theorized by fans that a potential "LPX" announcement would be sent out the week of November 9th.
October 27 - A "Times Like Those" T-shirt and Koozie appears in the band's official store, along with free popcorn bags for every purchase.
October 28 - FreshPotix. It works (kinda).
October 29 - A fan spots a video billboard over Los Angele's Vogue Theatre, with an animation of a burning coffin, followed by the classic "FF" logo and an "X."
October 30 - The Foos' email retrospective of LPVII, Wasting Light, concludes with the following messaging: "Times Like Those? Coming soon to an internet near you..."
October 31 - Their biggest fan finds the same video ad projected on the side of a building in Sherman Oaks.
November 3 - The burning coffin animation now plays during certain songs on Spotify. It was "The Pretender" in the early AM, and around 3PM PT, it was "These Days."
November 4 - The coffin animation has now moved to "Best of You."
The band also shares a couple of animations on social, featuring percussion.
November 5 - Fans have noticed that Shazam is properly recognizing the new audio snippets as registered songs, under the album "Medicine at Midnight."
Foos release their 3rd teaser animation, now featuring Nate and percussion, drums, and bass.
November 6 - The Foos release the 4th teaser animation, now featuring Chris and acoustic guitar.
Additionally, Kirri confirmed the existence of a 3rd "burning coffin" billboard, this time in Sydney, Australia!
Foos have also released their 5th teaser animation, featuring Rami.
November 8 - A 30-second preview of the “Shame Shame” music video was teased during Sunday’s MTV EMAs.
November 10 - The music video for "Shame Shame" premieres on YouTube. The video was directed by Paola Kudacki, and stars Dave & Sofia Boutella.
The Foos also announce a livestreamed show at The Roxy for this Saturday, Nov. 14. Tickets/access to the livestream are available for $15.
November 20 - The Foos announce "Times Like Those" to premiere Monday, Nov. 23 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET on YouTube.
For more info, interviews & updates, be sure to check out and We will continue to update this thread as more information comes out about the new record, and any news on 2021 activities!
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2020.10.29 16:09 survivorfan123456 Final Reckoning 2 Cast

Hey everyone! So this long off-season has me thinking about the sub's favorite Challenge season: Final Reckoning! It had EVERYTHING in a Challenge season that you could ever ask for: cliffhangers, twists, and a format that was more complicated than necessary! So I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if we had Final Reckoning 2? I then decided to create a totally realistic, could be cast next season, fantasy cast for Final Reckoning 2! Let me know your thoughts and if there's any team you'd want to add as mercenaries because we all know the more the merrier!
Devyn Simone (RW: Brooklyn) / Eric “Big Easy” Banks (Fresh Meat 1)
Jenna Compono (RW:Ex-plosion) / Bruno Bettencourt (RW: Skeletons)
Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl) / Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17)
Natalie Anderson (The Amazing Race 21) / Yul Kwon (Survivor: Cook Islands)
Angela Babicz (Ex on the Beach USA 1) / Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil)
Zach Nichols (RW: Back to San Diego) / Glitter (War of the Worlds 1)
CJ Koegel (RW: Cancun) / Ashley Kelsey (RW: Back to San Diego)
Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2) / The Northern Continent (Unknown Origin)
Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? 3) / Garnett The Horse (Montana) - Potential Alternate: u/plutoprojector
The Jenna Compono Curse (Battle of the Exes 2, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals 3, Final Reckoning, War of the Worlds 1) and Jemmye Carroll (RW: Back to New Orleans)
 Potential Alternates for this team: Jay Gotti (RW: Ex-plosion), Brianna Julig (Battle of the Bloodlines), Vince Gliatta (Battle of the Bloodlines), Gus Smyrnios (Floribama Shore) 
Sam McGinn (RW: Back to San Diego) / The Plant (Battle of the Seasons)
Leroy Garrett (RW: Back to Las Vegas) / Burn Votes (Rivals 2, Dirty 30)
Natalie “Ninja” Duran (War of the Worlds 1) / The Challenge Fanbase (The Internet)
Nelson Thomas (Are You The One? 3) / Nitty Gritty (Merriam Webster Dictionary)
Clare Crawley (The Bachelorette) / The Producers of The Bachelorette (The Bachelorette)
u/honestkodaline (Reddit) / Esther F*cking Falana (War of the Worlds 2)
u/survivorfan123456 (Reddit) / Miss Victoria Dehel (Are You The One? 4)
MtvChallenge / Not Spelling Aneesa’s Name Correctly (Anessa)
Mid-Game Mercenaries:
Alyssa Giacone (RW: Skeletons/Tony’s fiancée) / GamerVev (Twitter)
Johnny Bananas (RW: Key West) / The Dutch Language (Netherlands, not Australia)
Nicole Bass (Ex on the Beach UK 6) / 50 Seconds (Time)
Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn) / Bad Partners (Fresh Meat 1, Battle of the Exes 1, Rivals 2, Rivals 3)
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2020.09.11 13:48 jensyao over-analyzing Nas lines outside the scope of rapgenius: Jay ft Nas - Success

When Nas overthinks his lyrics, we overanalyze...that's just part of the game we play as listeners when deciphering Nas' lyrics:
I'll paint a brief picture with this one...again, when the verses were recorded for 2007, none of this had happened, so this is why this is outside the scope and a preview of things to come
On Jay's American Gangster album, Nas said:
  • But I don't give a fuck, walk inside the lion's den...Up your catalog, dog, mine's worth too much/Like Mike Jacks ATV pub, Mottola can't touch
The original annotation says:
Nas is bragging about how much his catalog of songs is worth, comparing it to Michael Jackson’s ATV Music Publishing (owner of The Beatles‘ songs and others). The 'Mottola can’t touch’ refers to an incident in 2001 when Sony Music Entertainment, headed by Tommy Mottola, unsuccessfully tried to take all of Jackson’s music rights
Sony is also the parent company of Columbia Records, Nas' old label. He could be saying that, like MJ, Tommy Mottola can’t touch his publishing either. Whether or not this boast is true remains to be seen…
Owning your publishing and owning your masters are two different things, with publishing being more lucrative. Master rights typically belong to either the artist(s), record label, recording studio, or any other party who financed the recording. Publishing rights belong to the owner of the actual music composition.
Michael Jackson had so much money that he bought many cataloges in his lifetime: the Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Aretha Franklin.
Eminem is known to get into his Slim Shady persona as a single to launch is upcoming album with "my name is" for "slim shady LP", "The Real Slim Shady" for "marshal mather's LP", "Without Me" for "The Eminem Show", "Just Lose It" for "Encore", onward etc, because causing controversy gets free publicity for the album. Eminem for "just lose it" made fun of Michael Jackson's alleged pedophilia but in the music video, Eminem was explicitly warned not to portray that but instead made fun of Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire for the pepsi commercial and his nose. Michael Jackson got pissed and bought the publishing to eminem's back catalog so whenever Eminem decides to make music, Micheal Jackson gets paid...this is how you settle beef on the business side, you don't make a diss record for them to respond back, you buy their publishing so they work for you...this demotivation and Proof dying just made Eminem take a leave of absence from rap in 2006. People from the black community still look up to Michael Jackson and when he made those moves, people paid attention.
When eminem was set to come back in 2009 with his lead singles 3AM/We Made You to start off his album, Michael Jackson mysteriously died later that same year....How is it that singers who own their master's like MJ, whitney houston, and Prince die so mysteriously? and then some record publishing company quietly takes a stake in their publishing years later? MJ was the first to die unexpectedly because MJ owned the masters to other people as well, and then came Whitney in 2012, and then Prince in 2016....
OK, let's take a tangent to talk about the record industry and record executives...they are egotistical, maniacal, and power hungry cut throat entities....when sound recording was invented in 1860 and slavery was abolished in 1865, blacks had to find work any way possible and some of them migrated up north to detroit to join the auto industry. Other stayed in their cities...Record labels saw black talent and paid them next to nothing where before there was color TV, you could only hear the voices, so black acts had to sound white for white bands to lipsync and cover their music for the music to have universal appeal because of their complexion. Because the record industry started and capitalized on literally ex-slave labor, the deals were horrendous from the beginning, because the labels and the record executives owns the lion share of the profits and the artist get paid enough to keep making music but remain relatively poor...they get paid in "fame points" like reddit/genius authors get paid in "internet points".
You don't hear about record executives unless they make significant think suge knight was cut throat? At least suge knight was vocal about his actions. the record executives like Tommy Mottola was once married to Mariah Carey but when Mariah divorced him, Mottola did everything in his power to sabotage Mariah's career and if it wasn't for Mariah's talents and her appeal to the r&b community, her career might have folded with Mottola's influence driven by revenge and obsession. As the original annotation says, Mottola unsuccessfully tried to take Jackson's publishing rights back to Sony, which is also a parent to Columbia, Nas' label at the time. Mottola basically took a then industry plant Jennifer Lopez and pit her against Mariah Carey by trying to appeal to the r&b market to the point of using the same samples to sabotage Mariah Carey's singles. JLo has many times where she was caught lipsyncing to other singer's vocals, most notably Ashanti's, for I'm Real remix, and most of her collaborations with murder inc...on some songs, it obviously doesn't even sound like JLo was singing, such as Get Right...and this was all for Mottola to get back at Mariah for their divorce because every time Mariah is trying to release an album or staging her comeback, JLo somehow comes out lipsyncing to another ghost singer's hit record around the same time.
In addition, Jimmy Iovine, the head of interscope, was infamously associated for calling the Feds to raid Murder Inc's offices with their association with drug trafficker Supreme so that Ja Rule could not respond to 50 Cent's diss on "Back down" due to the Fed's monitoring their actions until a full year was passed with "Clap Back" because Ja Rule was a huge artist at the time and Jimmy Iovine needed extra insurance that the new artist 50 Cent was to win his beef with Ja Rule. Jimmy was quoted that he was a business man who will snitch if it is to his advantage in front of 50 Cent in 50 Cent's new book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter. What make Iovine relevant in this situation is that the Shady imprint was held under Interscope, and Iovine was probably pulling some puppet strings to get Eminem's catalog out the grasp and influence of MJ's possession and his top money maker Eminem who crosses over into mainstream audience into White America need to be incentivized to work for the record labels to earn more money.
Basically, record labels and record executives are the puppet master of things that move behind the scenes of why some artists get a lot of funding and others' career fold unexpectedly. Their seek for control for publishing rights and 360 deals is how also people who own their masters die unexpectedly and the label then quietly recoup the master's years how Sony finally acquires MJ's publishing through his estate years later in 2018 with no fanfare or announcement because back when MJ was alive in 2001, Mottola tried but failed, which is what Nas was referring to.
OK, now back to Nas and Jay. In 1996, Jay sampled Nas on Dead Presidents and he wanted Nas to redo the vocals because the clean acapella removed the f-word for "I'm out for dead fucking presidents to represent me" for Jay to sample, but Nas was big at the time and didn't want to cosign a rapper without a record out. Only in the Q-tip remix and later in the 10th anniversary remixes does Nas drop the f-word on that dead presidents line. Nas does not use the f-word on the original Illmatic version of 'The World Is Yours'...this also is deep because Nas said that Dead Presidents' line in 1994 for "the world is yours q-tip remix", and in 1995 comes out a movie called Dead Presidents....and Jay was strategic with dropping Dead Presidents I and II as a single to match the movie's title but the single is not associated with the movie....hey where have we seen this move again? Jay did the same thing for American Gangster in 2008 as he did for Dead Presidents in 1996....He named his album/single after a movie for free promotion as an unofficial soundtrack/single where he was inspired by and piggy backed on that name for the album to carry more weight because the movie industry did more of the advertising for the same title and people would confuse Jay's CD for the official soundtrack. Back in 1996, Jay did this for his single instead of a whole album.
When Jay threw a jab at Nas at summer jam, Nas dropped H to the omo freestyle on rakim's paid in full beat and got Rakim's blessing, and nas said "I count off when you sampled my voice"...Jay responded to those lyrics and completed his Nas verse on Takeover by saying "You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song...I know who I paid, God–Serchlite Publishing". Jay owned his master's at Rocafella and Nas didn't but now Nas does with Mass Appeal records with his recent projects and somehow, Jay is in a 360 deal with Live nation but still owns his master's...when Takeover dropped, people were praising Jay for his bars where you had to think about what he was saying when he paid Serchlite Publishing to sample Nas because owning your master's and publishing was not big in Hip Hop at the time and Jay used his business savvy to claim superiority over Nas. And Nas came back on his verse for "Success" by saying that nobody can touch his publishing because he catalog is too expensive, almost as a jab back at Jay for sampling his voice that easily, and you had to think about that bar for the sake of who owns whose publishing, and mind you, Nas did his response jab when featured on a Jay-Z track, so whenever they perform it together, Jay gets to hear it live every time
With that stage set, let the publishing ownership games begin...2Pac infamously dissed Jay on "Fuck Friendz" released posthumously among other songs like the original version of 'Hit Em Up' and 'Watch Yo Mouth' and Jay had to pay 2Pac's estate when Kanye made the same beat for '03 Bonnie and Clyde' off 'Me and My Girlfriend'....when 2Pac's mother unexpectedly died in 2016, this was another mysterious death because she held the publishing rights to 2Pac with Amaru Records and she was primed to release another 2Pac album but it kept on delaying because of the poor reception to "Pac's Life's" singles/collaborations and some fans did not like Eminem's interpretation of 2Pac music either on "Loyal to the Game", where eminem wasn't an apt producer because he had to speed up 2Pac's vocals to fit the tempo of the instrumental and butchered 2Pac's voice to shout out G-unit and Jadakiss, when they weren't even on 2Pac's radar when he was alive. With 8 years of not releasing another 2Pac album or a documentary/soundtrack to commemorate 2Pac to generate money, there was also money mismanagement, where they were going to build a 2Pac Amaru institute in Georgia but the funding to that construction collapsed. Afeni Shakur had a suspicious death as well, where finally 2Pac's estate was up for auction without anybody blocking it to the point that 2Pac's car that he got shot in in Las Vegas was also put up for auction.
So Roc Nation and Jay Z ended up buying 2Pac's publishing for $385 million, realize that 2Pac's catalog is huge with his work ethic and he has a ton of unreleased songs, where they had the intention to drop another 2Pac album yet still to release. “We’ve purchased one of Hip-Hops greatest icons music which would make us one of the largest record labels in the world. We have a plan set in motion to release a new Tupac album in 2016 titled, ‘And Now I Rise’ which will feature Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), Drake, Nas, The Dream, DMX, Beyonce and of course Jay-Z. The album will be produced by Dr. Dre and Timbaland.” Again, people pay attention, it's no coincidence that this all happened. Jay brought MJ to summer jam and dissed Nas in 2001. Mottola unsuccessfully tried to buy MJ's catalog in 2001 for Sony but Sony eventually did in 2018...If you go by the way MJ handled Eminem, he didn't make songs to diss Eminem for making fun of him, MJ bought his catalog and that is how you really win beefs. So Jay bought 2Pac's catalog as a business move but also as a score to settle for being dissed by 2Pac. And what did Jay do with 2Pac's catalog? Nothing but sit on it and sometimes clear samples for other artists but that's new 2Pac verses or songs/albums any time soon, and it's been 4 years since the announcement? It's not like a Jay Electronica situation where we had to motivate the artist to create the songs...2Pac's vocals have already been laid and it's up to the producer to recreate the instrumentals and match them with the correct collaborations. It was more of a business move and an ego trip for Jay to win that silent war he's been having with 2Pac's estate and to finally get rid of that chip off his shoulders more than anything.
I hope you understand how big of a chip Jay-Z still thinks he got on his shoulders...he has an unreleased diss record for 2Pac that he performed once live at the Apollo where the track never resurfaced out of respect of 2Pac's death. He bought 2Pac's catalog so whatever Jay sampled from 2Pac goes back into Jay's pockets because Death Row was still not cool with Jay-Z at the time when Jay did 03 Bonnie and Clyde and Jay had to give away a lot of royalties to Death row for that song for him to remake it, and then Death row released Fuck Friendz, which dissed Jay-Z on track number 2 posthumously in 2001.
and Nas literally went into "the Lion's Den" when he signed to Def Jam when Jay was the label's president in 2006 and also he when he went on Jay's home turf when being featured on Jay's album for the first time in 2007 and dropped knowledge and bars out-rapping Jay on his own song. Why do you think Jay and Nas only perform Dead Presidents and The world is yous together? They barely perform Black Republicans and they almost never perform Success, where Jay also bit off Eminem on that same song...."I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less/What do I think of success? It sucks, too much stress/I guess I blew up quick/'Cause friends I grew up with"...that is an eminem line from "I'm Back"....."I used to give a – fuck, now I could give a fuck less/What do I think of suc-cess/It sucks, too much press I’m stressed/Too much cess, depressed, too upset/It’s just too much mess, I guess I must just blew up quick"....And Nas dissed Jay-Z on Ether for saying that "Eminem murdered you on your own shit" and now when you're finally collaborating with Nas, you start off your first verse biting Eminem to keep up with Nas? "my own flows are foolish" as Jay said on "what more can i say" when he was originally accused of biting Big as a response to mostly Nas' diss on Ether "how much of biggie's rhymes are gonna come out your fat lips?" and now Eminem?...yeah, about that, right?
So, present year. Nas drops King's Disease, where the symptoms most describes Jay, where Jay is in the position of a king but still have insecurities, like you can take jay out the hood but can't take the hood out of jay. If you read beyond the lyrics, the message was not for most listeners because most listeners have yet to rise to that position of King, which is why some critics aren't vibing with're missing the point. The album's message is mostly directed at Jay, where if you go to my reddit timeline link of Jay's and Nas' beef, the timeline still have remnants of subtle jabs til this day, from insecurities and jealousies, to sabotaging release days, to limiting the time Nas has to write his verse before Jay had to turn it in so that Jay doesn't get murdered on his own track by Nas if Nas was given enough time to craft a better verse, to jabs in the title, etc.
Look, Nas had to write his verse for Success at 4AM in the morning in Canada after a show because Jay had to turn it in. Nas was clearly at a disadvantage to complete his verse and yet he still murdered his verse. That was a subtle limited time sabotage Jay did to Nas and Jay did it again for Nas' feature on BBC.
The point is, Nas on King's disease was asking why does do people want to kill Nas when he said "Can I floss without you wanting me outlined in chalk?" on the title track. As mentioned with the recent music related mysterious deaths, they all point to people owning the rights to their master's...MJ, Whitney, Prince, 2Pac's mother...and who else owns their master's? Most prominently Jay and Nas, among others. These artists alive are all at risk for mysterious deaths when they stop or slow down their music production because the music industry is always looking for martyrs to capitalize on their deaths once music production slows down or ceases for one last money grab. Nas never drops every year...he's used to dropping every other year. Nas knows what's up with the shady music industry with shadow puppet masters, record labels, and executives. Nas just can't outright say the dangers of what he is facing so he is forced to put it coded in music as a dog whistle for specific people to receive the message...he's upping his music production after he was freed of having the court system misinterpret his rap lyrics when he was fighting for child custody against Kelis. There are specific dangers of owning your own publishing because the industry will make moves behind the scenes to recoup your catalog. Jay is friendly competition and Nas sees a bigger threat in the industry with labels and record executives so he is addressing it to all 1-percent or 0.1-percent fortune owners who all have the king's disease, which basically flies over the heads of most audiences, as most Nas records do when they are initially released and they grow on you years later after you have matured to his stage to think about life's consequences at that level.
So yeah, given that Jay saw MJ's strategy of buying up people's catalog to win beefs outright, Jay is eyeing on Nas' catalog to purchase if he were to have an untimely death and then it would be declared that Jay won the ultimate war against Nas as he did against 2Pac. So this story revolves around Nas, 2Pac, Jay, MJ, and Eminem because they are the biggest money makers for the record industry and record labels and executives are always coming up with new strategies to do heinous things for the sake of more profit.
Nas basically made a prophetic statement in 2007 because he wants to have his music catalog so large with great money management and people so that nobody ends up buying the rights to Nas' when Nas said that verse in 2007, he didn't own his own record label until 2012 and he took strides in investments and upping his catalog, which is why it is worth repeating again, because it was foreshadowing for things to come and some of Nas' goals have been realized since then:
  • But I don't give a fuck, walk inside the lion's den...Up your catalog, dog, mine's worth too much/Like Mike Jacks ATV pub, Mottola can't touch
When they performed 'success' at the Apollo, you can tell which lines Jay were feeling based on what Nas bars Jay rapped along to: and as you clearly see, Jay did not recite the last bar at all, which is the one we just overanalyzed
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2020.08.10 11:51 klphoen Here is an old Rivals interview Evelyn did on Vevmo back in 2011.
Q. Did you get along with Johnny Bananas on Rivals?
A. Yes, I did. When he’s not perpetually harassing me, I get along with him scary well, which is why I’m so perplexed by the attitude he sometimes has towards me. I genuinely was cheering for him against CT on Rivals, at a point when the match-up meant absolutely nothing to my status in the game, only to hear since returning home that he’s been saying XYZ about me on Twitter and podcasts all over again. I’ve given up trying to understand. I’m going to the VMAs with him on Sunday and expect to have an outstanding time. But I wouldn’t for a second be surprised if the next time I saw him on a challenge he tried to make my life hell for the month, pushed me, threw a stick at me, sent me into elimination against my best friend, or –OK you get it!-… He can be a ridiculously cool, clever person when he wants to be (the guy’s got a friggin brilliance to him at times, I can’t deny it)…but he can also be my worst f****** nightmare. Nothing surprises me anymore and as heinous as it gets it’s gotten to the point where I just laugh about the whole situation. It’s so f****** bizarre. Then the guy calls me a transvestite on the internet 50 thousand times after famously grabbing me and forcing a French kiss on national television… only to then go back on the same network and boast about making it to first base with me on the Aftershow -- and then voice disgust to everyone over -- only to drunkenly kiss me again in front of the whole cast (it ended up off-camera) in Argentina… and then -AGAIN, you get what I’m saying! In the weirdest way he’s become a friend to me, it’s just a really fed up friendship that I cannot for the life of me understand. Have I shed any light at all on the situation? Did I just create Merriam-Webster’s first official definition for “Frenemy”? * And for the record, we were all beyond f*ed up and had totally lost our minds by the time of the Argentina kiss. That was also the night of Wes and Cara Maria’s war, Laurel’s attack on Paula, and our creepy drunk wrestling food fight upstairs. I’ve been asked about a certain injury I sustained during filming and why I was still able to laugh and get slammed around that night…here’s the thing- because of said injury, I was on a whole laundry list of painkillers…and I was drinking…and me + painkillers + vodka. Ask V1Man about Evelyn on painkillers after a fairly serious allergic reaction sent me to a Los Angeles hospital one beautiful afternoon. They pumped me full of pain meds, cortisone, and antihistamines, and he was my caretaker in the ER. And…I mean…gosh, suffice it to say that 10 am to 10 pm of that day is a gaping black hole in my mind’s eye. Apparently me on painkillers = awesome. And that is why that happened the way it did in Argentina.
[editor’s note: This was the only time I’ve ever seen Evelyn not be competitive. One of the staff asked me if she was a stand-up comic because everything she said to them in the ER had them all in stitches.][/I] [B]
Q. Who from the challenges do you trust?
A. Cara Maria’s the only one I have complete, 100% trust in, which can apply to all aspects inside and outside of the challenge. There are others who are very high up but she’s the only one who’s never given me a shred of reason to doubt her.
Q. Do you still talk to Brooke?
A. Yes, we’re good friends. I just spent last Sunday with her in Hollywood.
Q. Would you like to have an elimination round one-on-one vs. Laurel because everyone wants to see once and for all who the best girl is? And are you confident that you would win?
A. I would love it, although I wish it could just be an exhibition round so the two of us could stay and continue to hang out on the challenge afterwards! Having her around breathes new life into the game for me. She’s the one girl who I believe has a decent shot at sending me home in a fair fight (i.e. not relying on a fluke or silly DQ to beat me). I’m confident I would win, she’s confident she would win. I think it would be an awesome fight…and if there’s a Duel 3, I could easily see that being the final Duel of the season. Well, assuming BMP brushes up on the definition of “Duel” before the season starts. How the hell can you have a Duel that A) has three guys and three girls in the final and B) forces them into guy/girl teams? The whole concept is that it’s supposed to be one on one!!! Madness.
Q. Which challenge season was the most fun to film? Which one did you enjoy watching the most?
A. Most fun was either Inferno 3, Gauntlet 3, or Rivals…all were great times. I enjoyed watching G3 the most, of the seasons I’ve done (even though the editing was a little unfair at times).
Q. Do you think the JEK alliance ruined what these challenges could be?
A. Everyone else ruined it. Season after season the sheep gift-wrap the game for them and serve it up on a silver platter, then cry foul when they lose. I blame my idiot cast mates.
Q. Are there any girls who you would have trepidations about going into an elimination round against?
A. No. I welcome the competition and the elimination rounds are such a rush, that the tougher the opponent, the more excited I’d be for it. To get to the meat of the question though, Laurel would have the best shot at taking me out in an elimination round.
Q. Are there any challenges you didn’t do that you would have liked to?
A. The Duel
Q. Do you think you would have won the Duel had you not been forced to decline due to illness?
A. Honestly…yeah. It changed the entire game.
Q. What’s your opinion about the newbies on Rivals? (Jasmine, Jonna, Mike, Leroy)
A. I love ‘em all, to be perfectly honest. Jasmine, Jonna, and Cara Maria were my girls on this season, and watching them have to go against each other truly sucked. I really feel like the four of us bonded the most out of all of the girls on this season. Mike and Leroy are just awesome guys and such a breath of fresh air on this program.
Q. What’s with the Evelyn / Derrick’s animosity toward each other?
A. That one’s entirely a one-way street. I’ve never said or done anything to the man, and don’t plan to. In the interim, he’s betrayed me in pretty feckless fashion on two consecutive challenges and apparently drags my name through the mud on his radio show. This statement is actually the first slightly antagonistic remark I’ve ever made regarding him.
Q. Why did you not like Veronica before “The Ruins” and why did your opinion change after doing that?
A. I was friends with Veronica before the Ruins, and I continue to like and respect her.
Q. Do you have any type of relationship with Danny anymore?
A. Did I ever?
Q. Why does Robin have beef with you? Evidently Robin told Derrick on a podcast that you were the one who orchestrated her and Aneesa going into the first Jungle.
A. Robin has beef with me? I agreed to do her radio show next week, so I guess I’ll have to ask her about that.
Q. What did you think when you heard you would be with Paula?
A. I was thrilled. Honestly.
Q. Who are, in your opinion, the top 5 female challengers you have competed against physically?
A. Laurel, Cara Maria, Paula, Tori, and Chanda.
Q. If Fresh Meat were done similarly to Rivals, which girl would you want from FM and FM 2?
A. Chanda or Diem if I’d been able to choose a Fresh Meater, but since I’d have to choose an alum, Tonya. From FM 2, I would have chosen Cara Maria.
Q. If Rivals had been guy/girl teams do you think you would have had Johnny? Do you think you would have had a good shot at winning? Or could you think of a team that would have a better shot at beating you Rivals wise?
A. Obviously I would have had Johnny…I can’t think of a better team, although I suppose you could do Laurel/Abram if Eric didn’t show…they would have had a good shot at beating us.
Q. If there was another Battle of the Seasons, who would you want as a partner? What season do you feel has the best winning potential?
A. I would want Kenny, hands down. For all our bull**** over the years, we still work better together than any guy/girl pair I’ve ever seen. Best winning potential? I believe we would win, but Darrell/Rachel, Evan/Diem, or Paula/Johnny (or Tyler) would be tough competition.
Q. If there was another Battle of the Sexes format, do you think people would keep you because of your almost perfect challenge performances, or do you think they would eliminate you to make the finals with their friends?
A. It could go either way. It would depend entirely on the rules of the game. Shoot, just look at this challenge: if the rules were even slightly different, this could have easily boiled over into me vs. Johnny, Kenny, and Evan all over again. Instead, the rules forced us into a very tight alliance.
Q. Did you ever feel like you carried Paula in Rivals? Did you ever feel like she carried you? Did you prefer her over players like Coral, Susie, or Brooke?
A. We carried each other. That’s what this challenge was all about for the teams to be successful, with very few exceptions. She would have been my number one choice for a teammate, so yes I preferred her over all of those players.
Q. Are you a gold star lesbian? Are you the only one on the show that is?
A. Yes and yes.
Q. Do you still keep and breed any reptiles? If so, which ones?
A. Haha, yes I do. Varanus acanthurus and Varanus flavirufus…love ‘em.
Q. Do you have any post-challenge life plans in mind?
A. Since I’d already taken the spring semester off of school to do the Challenge, I enrolled in cosmetology school. I’d always secretly wanted to, and finally went for it since I needed to stay busy anyway- have ended up loving it and am completing that this fall. I’ll be taking the LSAT this winter and finishing my undergrad in 2012, while also working as a full-time stylist in San Diego and Hollywood. Depending on my LSAT score, I may or may not pursue law school thereafter.
[Editor’s note: a score of 172/173 is my prediction.]
Q. Cara Maria hinted that there may have been some shady business behind Jenn and Mandi’s win in the kayaking challenge. Do you have anything to say about this, or any possible hand that production may play in determining the outcome of certain challenges?
A. The rules stated you could not rest your kayak against the bamboo rods at the sides of the starting gate. Jenn and Mandi lodged theirs up against it for almost their entire run up at the starting zone, and it’s the only reason they won. That should have gotten them a game-losing penalty. Paula and I won that challenge. Watch the Final and tell me you honestly believe that Jenn and Mandi beat every girl’s team at a kayaking challenge. It’s comical.
Q. Do you think the alliance you headed with Wes on FM 2 was doomed from the start, simply because of Landon’s distrust/dislike for Wes?
A. Quite possibly. I hate crying over spilled milk but Landon was itching to stab him in the back for a while. I remember many conversations I had with him and CJ trying to talk me into teaming with them and betraying Wes. That in addition to them agreeing to lie to us about CJ’s first exile, and floating deals to Kenny long before the ultimate move was made…I don’t understand why Landon couldn’t be content with saving beating Wes for the finals (we all knew he’d never win it), but as rocky as the foundation was for the move it ended up winning him the game. He accidentally made a move that won him the game. Landon and Carley both told me our Exile was harder than the final challenge, and it was a course that favored their team in every conceivable way: they had done it before (CJ threw it for them so they could learn it backwards and forwards), the weights clearly played to a larger team’s advantage, we were doing it in the dark so I was especially clueless, and Luke and I were totally exhausted, having just finished our Exile against Wes and Mandi 24 hours earlier and going for our second one in two days…even then, with every single possible advantage going their way, they only beat us by a mere 2 minutes off of a puzzle, in a 2 hour Exile. I came MUCH closer to beating Landon in that Exile, at his own game, than anyone else did on the Final, a neutral playing field. I knew that season was mine for the taking if we could just survive that elimination. I did my part and I still believe we could have very easily won that Exile…and as such it remains a source of extreme resentment for me to this day. The editing was flipped to an extent that season that continues to absolutely baffle me…If viewers could have seen the reality of that season I think they would have been far more sympathetic to my position…as it is Fresh Meat 2 exists as a Challenge netherworld in which I was a nefarious, dishonest, backstabbing, whiny, weak, unfair little brat…sandwiched between three seasons in which I’ve been (fairly) depicted as one of the most loyal and fair-minded players in the game. It would be an understatement to call it an editing screw-job and I love that it was the poorest rated season in the history of the franchise…sorry but it serves BMP right. I’m still VERY bitter about the whole experience. I wrote a lengthy piece about it last year but had to take it down on account of “trade secrets.” I call bull**** but I’m unable to elaborate.
Q. If you could come up with a challenge teaming theme like they usually set up what would you like to see them do?
A. Good vs. Bad…but not “Good Guys” and “Bad *****,” more like a straight up good vs. evil…ironically I think many of the “Good Guys” of I3 are no-brainers for an evil squad.
Q. If you could pick your fantasy team made of 5 guys and 5 girls who would you choose?
A. Landon, Frank, Alton, CT, Darrell, Laurel, Paula, Cara Maria, Tori, and Diem.
Q. Some of the guys show up for challenges looking like they put on a lot of muscle since we first saw them on their original seasons. Do you know if anyone has used steroids to train for the show?
A. Yep and yep.
Q. Whose back would you have if Kelly Anne and Wes got into an argument on a future season?
A. I’d stay out of that one entirely.
Q. What motivates Evelyn?
A. I’m driven to succeed. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing- from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment my head hits the pillow at night, I have to be busy and I have to be advancing myself. In school, when I get started on my term papers I usually work 30 hours straight without breaks for anything until the job’s done, and I’ll oftentimes get horribly sick by the end of finals because I can’t just work on and off. It’s actually a problem - I can’t give myself breaks and if I haven’t done a perfect job, or if I’ve left a work in progress, my mind races, I get anxious, and it MUST be done as flawlessly as possible before my mind can be at rest. I think I’m technically obsessive-compulsive about most things I do. I am an extremist and I have to give anything I apply myself to 110%. I’m always stressed, I’m always busy, and I always have to do a perfect job…but I’m also EXTREMELY happy and satisfied with my life, and that applies to everything. Victory, success, and achievement are my ecstasy. I get antsy if I’m anywhere for an extended period of time and have trouble spending an entire day doing nothing. In this respect, my father is a carbon copy of me and the reason I am the way I am- only he has not entirely applied his abilities to pursuits that bring him joy. He’s Yale-educated, a Manhattan lawyer, and at 63 he works harder than he ever has in his entire life because every deal he’s on has to be done best, and as he is the best in his field he doesn’t delegate many tasks to the infinite associates he has at his disposal because he knows they won’t do as good a job as he will. This has been the source of lots of stress and hardship for him, and while he totally doesn’t need to be doing every little task himself, he’s the same way I am. He can’t walk away from it, even though virtually anyone could see that some of these deals are totally insignificant in the broader scheme of things. If you want points of reference…Jeez, I remember I had an idea to re-do the backyard of the place I was renting two years ago. I SLAVED away at that thing all day everyday for a month perfecting it, only to have to move away the next month and see it all go to waste. I barely thought twice about it once the job was done. In the salon, I am the only stylist I know who can wrap a full foil highlight in mathematically perfect sections, with one hundred perfectly aligned foils in perfect order. I guarantee if you went in there with a ruler they’d match up perfectly. That logical part of my mind is my dominant side. It’s always operating and it’s why when I do things I have to do them perfectly. It’s also why I can pick apart one of these games with ease (the alliances, the numbers, the strategy). I typically figure out what the Challenge teams are months in advance (long before you guys or the other cast members do, I assure you). I can swear on my life, I would beat every single challenger at least 9 times out of 10 on any given mathematical or logic puzzle, were they to give me one on these challenges. That stuff is my bread and butter…I can do the “diabolical” Sudoku in the Times at will…yet I could not even match up two simple colored giraffes in South Africa five years ago. It’s an extremely unhealthy way to live, and I can tell you that the way I approach these challenges is totally unhealthy for me as well. From the second I show up in that house I am playing the game all the way through. This is an extremely successful approach, but it’s also very taxing, and I think takes a lot of fun out of the game that I might otherwise experience on these challenges. The thing is outside of these shows I actually have a ton of personality, I’m one of the most charismatic and adventurous people I know; but, once I start applying myself to something, I zone out and quite honestly am not all there emotionally, which I think is why I come off as occasionally brick-like on the Challenges. When I’m on the Challenge, I’m on a mission, and that’s my all for the month. I’m the most ambitious person I know, and when these two things are combined, the results are fantastic...but the reason this is possible is because in ways I’m seriously flawed. Did you know I count my syllables almost everytime I am talking to someone? I arrange them into numerical orders in my head based on the sounds, and if I’m walking I time them with my steps and eardrum clicks (I can click my eardrums at will, like popping them on a plane, because my jaw is slightly assymetrical). I always just assumed everyone did that kind of stuff, until I mentioned it at dinner with people a few months ago and got some very weird looks. Believe it or not, I have several family members who are worse. This is also why I went years not giving a damn about my appearance, the visor, etc. I focused on other things and so appearance was totally irrelevant to me. Now that I’ve chosen to apply myself to cosmetology, it’s become one of my pursuits and you will virtually never catch me without Barbie-doll curls and three(+)-toned eyeshadow. Again, I’m a (perhaps deeply) flawed person. But ultimately I’m going to be spectacularly successful.
Q. A number of cast members who've never been in an acting class seem to want to play characters on the challenges. How do you stay yourself and not succumb to the temptation to be over-the-top in front of the camera?
A. I’m not capable of playing a role for the cameras, and don’t feel any desire to. This makes me a far more unique entity on that program than the would-be reality stars who ceaselessly attempt to court attention with their antics. I’m special for the simple fact that I don’t attempt to be special. I stand out because I don’t attempt to stand out. Ever. This especially applies amongst the women of the franchise, most of whom aren’t interesting enough to make it on their merits. I have no desire to get into acting or become famous off of this program. The Challenge is a game that I love; all I want to do is play it and win.
Q. Do you think fans are too intrusive in seemingly wanting to know things about the lives of the challenge cast members? Does it bother you that some "fans" don't understand that the shows are edited with a story line in mind?
A. At times my mind is blown by how easily manipulated viewers are. I’ve learned not to get hung up on the negativity because viewers are often fickle. They’ll hate a cast member one season and love them the next, based on whatever the editing might be. If you’re going through a rough patch with the viewers, don’t worry about it because in a few months, most of them will flip all over again. The great thing about Vevmo is that hostility is generally kept at bay, or at the very least kept to a basic level of decency. I think most Vevmo readers are like little reality TV experts, and I love it, which is why this site remains the only one I have ever given my patronage to. I’d like to point one thing out though -maybe my only issue here- regarding the anti-Fresh Meat stance of a few Vevmo people (and this is not even based on my opinion of your overall position)- when you’re trying to bash us, the term should be spoiled meat. Not “stale” meat. I think that one started with the losers over at Speakreality five years ago and has somehow persisted to this day. Have you ever seen a steak go stale? Spoiled, rotten, rancid, decayed, rank…any one of these would work. If it’s a play on the entertainment being stale, then it’s a poor one because it’s not even applicable to the title. Quite honestly, any individual I’ve seen toss that one around over the years I have dismissed as a moron. Does it necessarily make one an idiot? Debatable…I guess I just put ‘em on the level of the “then/than” people. You know,[I] those[/I] people.
Q. In your last interview with us you said this about your perfect alliance for a team challenge: “Kelly Anne, Wes, Derrick and myself. I don't think I'd every have to worry about waking up with a knife in my back with those..." Would you like to correct the record today, with or without a reason attached?
A. V1Man, you’re bad :wink2:
Q. Is there anyone from "Old School" MTV that you'd like to do a challenge with or again?
A. I’ll just consider that everyone before my season, and yes. Theo, Timmy, Cara, Ruthie, Mark, Landon, Beth, Frank, Adam L, Adam K, CT, Abram, Alton, Beth, Brad, Katie, Robin, Aneesa, Veronica, and Rachel are all “Old School” folks I’ve enjoyed my time with and with whom I would happily go on a Challenge. I’ve never met Jodi or Kina but have heard great things from my friends, so I’d like to do one with them as well. ~~~~
[Editor's note: Thank you, Evelyn, agreeing to this repeat interview for vevmo. Thanks also to everyone who posted questions. In the beginning I thought about a more structured interview, but when Evelyn saw your raw questions, she just started answering them as they were, mostly in the order you posted them. Well done, team!. Hopefully, following tonight's final episode, we can convince Evelyn to answer a few more questions about the outcome.]
EDIT: Here is a transcript of a Ustream Cara, Laurel and Evelyn did before Rivals reunion
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2020.08.09 13:14 finnagains The Extended History of BDSM - By Skyeler Huntsman

BDSM has dark and disturbing imagery. A dark, dungeon-like room filled with chains, whips, and cages. Critics use this imagery to claim BDSM is anti-woman and to continue heteronormative gender norms. These portrayals are wrong and destroy and ignore the history of BDSM. The history of BDSM is complicated and revolutionary, a history filled with strong women and men. It is a history exposing the creation of gender and questioning social normativity. BDSM has become a lifestyle, with its own set of rules and orders, a culture people practice in order to be edgy, to startle by wearing a collar, a rope pentagram, or a puppy mask. BDSM and its history is about figuring out yourself, learning and taking responsibility, and refusing to follow or care what others think.
Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism, aka BDSM has a long history. According to historian Anne O’ Nomis, BDSM began in Mesopotamia, where gods and monsters ruled over human subjects. Goddess Inanna with her jeweled-adorned body and her crown, shimmered and dazzled as she looked down at her human subjects. She induced her followers to perform a dance for her; as the dance intensified, Inanna whipped her followers into a sexual frenzy. The subsequent sexual intercourses created both pleasure and the continuation of Mesopotamia. This dance, with its moans and pleasures, could not save the fate of Mesopotamia. The ashes of the city did not destroy BDSM; the dance for the goddess was just a seed.
The history of Ancient Greece also includes BDSM from ritual flagellation of men and women in Sparta to The Tomb of Whipping, a room where whipping for sexual pleasure happened. The problem with the historical depictions of BDSM/sex in Ancient Greece is the focus on the physical act of sex. In the History of Sexuality, Michel Foucault explains “in Greece, truth and sex were linked, in the form of pedagogy, by the transmission of a precious knowledge from one body to another; sex served as a medium for initiations into learning.” This transmission of precious knowledge was different for each Greek couple, one couple’s knowledge could be just about sex, another couple’s knowledge could be a teachestudent relationship. The student/teacher relationship was between someone older, wiser teaching a younger being about the meaning of life. Some relationships focused on survival, like the Sacred Band of Thebes. The study of sexuality and sexual practices in Ancient Greece focuses too much on sex in our modern sense. Historians have not focused enough on the discourse of these relationships, either for what they were or their complexity.
In every culture BDSM-like practices existed. The existences of these practices reveal the fluidity of both gender and sexuality. Victorian Britain, with the help of explorer Richard Burton, created a myth around the Indian text, the Kamasutra. The titillating illustrations of differing sexual positions could be read merely as a sex manual. But the book is not a guide for sex but for enlightenment, a guide for both men and women to better their lives by acquiring better understandings of themselves, their partner(s), and the world around them. The Kamasutra teaches men to respect women, and women to respect men, because the goal is liberation from this world. Liberation, moksha, is a complex idea, but for some, the use of BDSM in the Sutra is a guide to liberate both sex and gender conformities, based on principles of communication, trust, and consent. Nevertheless, the focus of BDSM changed from being about trust and honesty to about control and sexual gratification.
England, France, and some parts of Germany from the 16th century to the 19th century experienced a blossoming of erotic literature and art from the publication of Thomas Shadwell’s The Virtuoso to John Cleland’s Fanny Hill. Stories of chamber maids whipping their masters or young feral servants whipping their mistresses, with the implications of power turned topsy-turvy, were tantalizing back in the day. The Marquis De Sade changed erotica in the late 1700s with the publication of 120 Days of Sodom and Justine. Sade’s work is graphic. His writing depicts the sexual pleasure of beatings, forced orgasms, humiliation, group sex, rope play, and even cutting. The labels placed on Sade’s work are shocking, controversial, and to some feminist writers, his work is sexist. These labels do not repel people from Sade’s work, the attraction to his work by “sick freaks” intensifies because of these labels.
Although the publication of Sade’s work introduced many to the world of BDSM, it really came out of the closet in the twentieth century. Germany after World War I was a place in need of life. The war decimated the country, and it left a generation of men and women frustrated at the old way of life. Some decided to liberate themselves by creating clubs to express their homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality, and to simply have fun. These cabarets are beautifully described by British author Christopher Isherwood who was in Berlin during this time. Fascism ruined and destroyed these clubs, even though many guards, soldiers, and fascist youths frequently visited and ‘played’ in them. Hitler destroyed and persecuted this sexual freedom, but he did not destroy it; it just went underground.
BDSM existed in 1940s and 1950s America because of underground publication of “sex” magazines. These magazines, with the help of photographer of John Willie, are one of the reasons for the contemporary look of BDSM: the leather, high heeled shoes, latex dresses, corsets, and the binding of hands and arms together by rope. Women depicted in Bizarre, wore high heeled leather shoes, some had their hands bound behind their back, or over their heads, with either ropes or leather. Some pictures showed them being beaten and others showed them struggling with their restraints. One of the most famous Bizarre model was Bettie Page. Page was both the Queen of the Pinups and the Queen of BDSM. She was strong, powerful, innocent with a pretty smile. Importantly, she revolutionized sexuality. In her words “they claimed, I opened up the sexual revolution but I was just doing my job and I’d loved every moment of it.” In some part the sexual revolution of the 1960s happened because of her, the relaxing of censorship happened because of her, and she inspired generations of women to embrace their sexuality and their femininity, whether they want to be submissive or be a dominatrix. I suggest everyone watch the beautiful and heartbreaking film The Notorious Bettie Page. BDSM began to break free from the underground and become an artistic movement.
The Gay Rights Movement so linked with Stonewall, also began with a simple drawing of a leather clad officer on a page of a magazine. Images of homoeroticism have long been part of both American and world culture, from the words of Oscar Wilde to the paintings of Thomas Eakins and J.C. Leyendecker. However, there was no clear definition of sexuality or “look” attached to being gay. Tom of Finland, Touko Valio Laaksonen, like Bettie Page, created a look and identity for both BDSM and gay culture. The media in the early twentieth century portrayed gay men as limp-wristed, fastidiously clean, sissy and sassy, simply weak men. Tom of Finland created strong, powerful, sexy, and self-assured men. His art work revolutionized both the gay culture and the art world. Tom of Finland’s influence can be seen in the look of heavy metal and the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe. Bettie Page, Tom of Finland, Mapplethorpe, and so many others helped usher in mainstream BDSM.
Remember when MTV use to play music videos? I do not either but for those who do, remember the videos of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, even the Eurythmics. These artists, plus numerous others, used BDSM for their look and modes of expression: Marilyn Manson with his corsets and smashing industrial lights cutting his chest, Trent Reznor screaming “Closer” to a crowd of screaming fans. I will not go into the look and lyrics of Rammstein, this is an academic blog after all. With the help of internet and blog forums like Tumblr, it is easier to realize this history and help people understand BDSM is not a nefarious culture. However, access to social media also invites judgment. Some still question the mental state, family background, and personality of people who are part of BDSM, but the history of BDSM proves the fluidity of gender and sexuality. There is no “right way” to be or to express sex, gender, and sexuality.
Skyeler Huntsman is a history master’s student studying gender and sexuality.
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2020.07.14 15:34 efa___ I Read It So You Don't Have To: Life is Not a Reality Show (by Kyle Richards)

LuAnn kept us classy, Kelly got us HOT!, and Simon made us nauseous. But today, we're throwing caution to the wind and jumping on the next flight to Beverly Hills to hear from "the housewife who does it all" -- the one and only Kyle Richards. So please fasten your seatbelts, make sure your tray tables are securely stowed in the upright and locked position, and prepare to "step into one of Beverly Hills' most glamorous lives -- complete with plenty of loving chaos."
Kyle's 2011 book Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All advertises itself as "a how-to-be-fabulous guide from a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." I'm truly shocked to see a Housewife describer herself as "a star" (rather than "the star"), but I suppose this is only the beginning of how realer-than-real things are going to get! On the book's cover, a silk-draped Kyle strikes a sultry pose on her kitchen island, seemingly oblivious to both basic food safety precautions and the diligent faux vacuuming being performed below her by a young Portia and her haphazardly-dangling companion -- whom I have fairly confidently identified as a G3.5 Rainbow Dash. Our author's commitment to casual comfort is further underscored by her hip, laid-back font choice. And now that any lingering doubts have been set at ease by the convivial scrawl before me, I take its instruction and open the book to Chapter One.
Right off the bat, Kyle reminds us that, despite how glamourous her life may look on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ("or just Real Housewives, as I refer to it"), the day-to-day minutia is never far from her mind. As she explains:
Did you see our Real Housewives reunion special after season 1? Do you remember when Andy Cohen asked if any of the cast knew the price of a gallon of milk? I was the only one who raised my hand! And I was only twenty cents off, though I don't think he was accounting for the higher prices in Beverly Hills.
A very chill and relatable thing to do is to constantly bring up times in the past when you were particularly chill and relatable. Kyle goes on to promise us her advice on love, beauty, and fashion -- "Recently CNN and InStyle magazine both named me one of the most stylish TV housewives of all time!" Relieved to be in such credentialed hands, I read on to find that I should also anticipate Kyle's tips regarding money, entertaining, and childrearing. Truly a Renaissance woman! I eagerly lean in as Kyle intones,
So let's get started. Let's talk, girlfriend to girlfriend, and I'll tell you everything I know.
We kick things off in earnest with Chapter Two: "Mr. Right," in which Kyle teaches us how to attract a potential mate of our desired caliber:
For example, if you want to attract the guy who's into porn stars, or maybe the one who only thinks about sex, or perhaps the guy who's a cheater, then wear something that barely covers your ass and lets your boobs hang out.
I'm sensing a slight hint of passive-aggression, but I'll go ahead and take Kyle at face value and commend her for giving such helpful and straightforward advice to women whose mate priorities are so different than her own. Kyle carries this same kind of measured acceptance through to the notion of Mauricio ogling another woman:
If he did, he'd have no more eyeballs! They would be removed from the sockets and put in a box and locked away. Ha-ha!
It's one thing to joke about being hyperbolically violent to your partner. Not my thing, but you do you! But does "removed from the sockets and put in a box and locked away" seem unsettlingly specific to anyone else? I'm halfway convinced she has already purchased some kind of high-security vessel that she keeps hidden away in an upstairs closet for this exact purpose, just in case Mauricio ever slips up and sneaks a peek at another woman's posterior. By the time she concludes with "Ha-ha!" it's unequivocal. I have seen more than enough episodes of Criminal Minds to know that "Ha-ha!" is the sign-off of (a) a serial murderearsonist or (b) a very sweet but technologically inept grandmother. Given that any mention of a grandchild is conspicuously absent from the text at hand, I'll leave it up to you to decide.
We next get some advice on "making sure you remain a tasty morsel" even after you've managed to snare a man. For example, Kyle tell us that "Mauricio and I call each other during the day just to say I love you.'" Personally, I feel like "mid-day love reminder calls" fall squarely alongside "shirts with drapey sleeves" and "shower sex" on my list of things that seem nice in theory but actually become incredibly irritating incredibly quickly. But again, that's just me! We all have our own unique preferences in romantic relationships. To use Kyle as an example:
I loved that he spoke Spanish, was from Mexico, and was Jewish. That was the perfect combo! I've always wanted to go out with someone who spoke Spanish and to marry a Jewish man because I heard they made the best husbands.
And indeed, as soon as she met Mauricio, Kyle knew there was an instant connection. Which shouldn't be too surprising. After all:
We women tend to think we're in love and want to have a guy's children the second we met him. Right? It's funny, but you know it's true.
Is this Kyle's version of a Jerry Seinfeld routine? What's the deal with women, am I right? Come on, ladies -- you know how it is! Kyle rounds out the chapter with her fair and nonjudgmental assessment of relationship priorities:
Of course, love is paramount. At least for me. Some people, especially in this town, may have other priorities -- like women who hunt for big bank accounts, or men who only go out with models. I can't comment on those relationships.
We flash back to Kyle's account of her childhood, which she credits for educating her in the intricacies of romantic relationships. Her mother, in particular, could always be relied upon for gentle guidance in a time of crisis.
Sometimes one of the girls would come in crying about something, maybe upset because the guy she went out with didn't call her back. My mom would say, "That's because you were an idiot and didn't handle yourself properly!"
Lest you too become an idiot who doesn’t handle yourself properly, take heed! As Kyle instructs us -- "It's all about understanding the male brain, the big one in his head and his little brain too! Ha-ha!" We also learn that "men are predatory animals," and that "men mature more slowly than women and they never really catch up!" Kyle informs us that "I also believe it's important to pay attention to what's going on in the world so you can have intelligent discussions about it." By this, she apparently means that she "[reads] the sports pages in the newspaper sometimes. "
At this point in the book, Kyle interjects:
I'm a little nervous sharing my secrets like this, because I know my husband will read this book and I don't want him to find out all my little tricks. Ha-ha! Maybe I'll just have to black out parts of it, because I definitely want you to have access to what I've learned.
Unless, by some chance, the remaining chapters of this book contain the requisite incantations for the magic spell Kyle has used to ensnare Mauricio's eternal soul, I really don't think that will be necessary.
But alas, it appears that I may have spoken too soon! I read on to find what I can only assume is just the first of Kyle's highly confidential seduction techniques -- "I might even dance extra sexy." As you are likely well-aware, the extra-sexy dance is second only to the infamous bend-and-snap when it comes to bewitching the masculine psyche, and I completely understand why Kyle would prefer to keep such powerful techniques under wraps.
Kyle introduces the next chapter with the following enigmatic adage:
I always tell my husband that being married is like taking care of a plant. It has to be watered every day, and you cannot ignore it.
Thankfully, before I spend too much time pondering exactly what it means to "water your marriage," (I mean, I hate to be crass, but it's definitely a sex thing, right?) she clarifies -- "In other words, ladies, your work isn't done once he puts a ring on it!" No, ladies -- your work is only done when you finally cash that fat life insurance check, am I right?! We also hear from Kyle that, when Mauricio comes home from work, "we always kiss, because that's a rule." Her statement makes me suddenly self-conscious that my boyfriend and I don't have a single kissing-based rule in our entire relationship. God only knows how we've made it this long!
In an aside, Kyle tells us that one of the things that makes her happiest is "being with my family in the mountains in the snow, happily kidnapped in a log cabin." I can only assume that she also enjoys such pastimes as "being abducted on the beach in Hawaii" and "jet-setting around Europe while being held hostage." And indeed, when Kyle reflects on the evolution of her attitude towards Mauricio's household laxities just a few paragraphs later, she remarks:
Sometimes I'll check and even find a door wide open! This used to really bother me, but you know, really, in the greater scheme of things, is it all that important?
And truly -- what's the worst that can happen? A benevolent kidnapper sneaks inside and snatches you up, cheerfully whisking you away to his hillside bungalow? You should be so lucky!
Kyle also does her best to squeeze out a drop of sympathy for those inchoate souls among us who lack her steadfast faith in the eternity of their marital bonds:
But I also think that because I am so genuinely attracted to my husband and so honestly content in my marriage I couldn't even fathom seeking the attention of other men. If you're feeling the need for interaction with or validation form men outside your marriage, I wonder, is it an indication there's something within your marriage, or your own heart, that needs to be examined?
To each her own. I'm just saying, be careful.
But I wonder, I'm just saying, if the lady genuinely, in all honesty, doth protest too much, maybe? Mauricio displays similarly developed coping mechanisms for common relationship issues -- "he deals with the idea of being jealous by pretending that he's the only man I've ever known in my whole life." Okay but like -- are we sure he's pretending? We've all seen the amount of cannabis this man consumes; is it so entirely out of the realm of possibility that Mauricio genuinely believes Kyle sprung into existence mere moments before their first encounter? Just something to think about!!
Kyle goes on to enumerate the many, many (many) things she loves about her darling devoted one. For example:
I especially love when he has a five-o'clock shadow. I always tell him, "I like it when you have that scruffy beard." Then my kids will say, "He looks a little bit like a terrorist!" Ha-ha! It's true.
If they were casting a movie for a sexy terrorist, he would definitely get the role!
The good news is that I'm absolutely certain that someone is casting a movie role for a "sexy terrorist." The bad news (at least from Kyle's perspective) is that that someone is an adult film studio catering to a clientele base with what I would charitably describe as questionable levels of taste.
Mercifully, we change directions with the next chapter, and Kyle reminds us (not for the last time) that she is "a real mom." This means that she does things like "Use positive reinforcement!!!" And lots of exclamation points, apparently. Also, as our resident super-mom explains,
I don't let my kids watch MTV either. What about those teenagers who become pregnant?
I don't even want those ideas in my daughters' heads.
I'm sure we all remember that fateful day -- June 11, 2009 -- when Viacom's MTV network premiered their fateful show 16 and Pregnant, inventing teen pregnancy and forever altering the course of human history. Ah, to dream of a return to that prelapsarian world!
Kyle follows up this advice with an anecdote illustrating her all-encompassing commitment to ensuring that her daughters are fully educated in the ways of the world. As she recounts:
Just this morning I was in the shower and realized I'd never told my girls to brush their hair before they get in the shower, to take all those loose hairs that come out into the brush and throw them in the trash so they don't clog up the drain. Plus it's good for their hair. So I called the girls together and told them.
I only wish my own mother had loved me enough to impart the same wisdom upon my younger self. As it was, I can still remember the terror of my first unattended shower. The slimy fibrils of hair snaking alongside the slick plastic walls. Bending down, one tentative hand extended to peel the matted tangle of strands from the burnished metallic drain before flinging it artlessly in the trash can. To think that I could have been saved from that horror, had Kyle's words had only made it to my mother's ears!
Kyle is very grateful for the chance to raise her children in a sophisticated urban setting, because "you hear about kids in small towns getting bored and doing drugs." In contrast, Los Angeles has always been renowned for its drug-free nightlife and low-key social scene. And also for the opportunities that living in the big city presents for "scare tactics," another key strategy for being the realest momma there is. As Kyle compassionately recalls:
When my older girls were little and we were out and about, sometimes we'd see a homeless person on the street. They'd ask me, "Why is he living there, Mommy?"
I'd say, "Honey, he didn't go to college. That's what happens when you don't go to college!" Ha-ha!
I never thought I'd see the day when I yearned for the even-keeled wisdom of Alex and Simon. But that day has come. Ejaculating during your child's birth is one thing, but teaching your daughters that homeless people were just too dumb (lazy? bad? self-indulgent?) to make the right choices is…an extremely different thing. Better to spew semen than hatred, as I always say! Ha-ha!
But I'll give Kyle the benefit of the doubt and assume she just hasn't had the chance to truly reflect on the gravity of her actions. After all, she has an unbelievably busy schedule that barely leaves the briefest moment for the hectic housewife to catch her breath:
This morning I need to make my girls' lunches and snacks and then drive them to school, but I also have to talk to a bunch of people by phone about what I'm going to wear when we film. I have a meeting here at the house at 10:00 and a spray tan at 11:30, then there's another meeting at noon. I take my daughter to soccer at 3:00 and have to film at 6:00PM. So my day is like boom, boom, boom.
So cut her some slack -- she truly does do it all! And somehow still manages to keep it grounded! For example, Kyle lets us know about the strong bond that persists between her and her sisters:
We still get together all the time for family gatherings, and we sing, "We Are Family" -- you know, the Pointer Sisters' song? "We are family! I got all my sisters with me!" It's our tradition.
However, Kyle did not always so thoroughly understand the value of familial relationships. Unfortunately, our plucky heroine had to learn this particular lesson the old-fashioned way.
When we were little we found many of the things my parents used to talk about boring and ridiculous. Like, who cares about Aunt So-and-So and her big boobs? My mom told me once, "Your aunt has triple-D boobs. You never know, yours could end up being that big." I thought, Why are you telling me that? You're making me sick! I don't want boobs that big!
Now I wish I knew more about that aunt with the triple Ds. But it's too late.
I hope you all take this lesson to heart -- I urge you to call your largest-bosomed family member now, before time runs out! You never know how little time you have left with whatever elusive secrets that cleavage may contain! But even this hard-earned wisdom couldn't save Kyle from her most devastating domestic dust-up -- the iconic Season One limo fight in which Kim accuses Kyle of stealing her house. As Kyle tearfully recounts,
After that, people called me a bully, which just killed me, because I've never been a bully in my life.
This sentence has big Caroline Calloway energy. Which is maintained throughout the succeeding passage, in which Kyle bemoans the impossible position into which she was entrapped.
People asked me, "What does she mean you stole her house?" I mean, you can't actually pick up a house and carry it across the street and no one will notice! But try explaining the actual story on Twitter.
I can only hope that someday -- perhaps in the far distant future -- some pioneering mastermind will invent a platform by which longer passages of text can be shared with Internet users around the globe. Until that day, poor Kyle's hands are tied!
Kyle moves right along into a chapter entitled, "My Mane Philosophy." We open on the following selection, which I have a sneaking suspicion was accidentally pasted in from a first draft of KKB's I Can Make You Hot!
People used to ask me all about my extensions, but, um, I don't have extensions. Never did. I think they're terrible for your hair. I especially hate to see so many young celebrities getting them, because they're just destroying their hair and really won't be able to get it back. I realize that some people feel extensions are the only way to get the thickness they want. My niece Paris has her own line of hair extensions and really likes the look they give her.
Chock full of a lifetime's worth of experiences to share, Kyle goes on to inform us that "on my worst day as a blonde, my very ugliest day, more men would look at me than they would on my absolute best day as a brunette." However, as she humbly admits: "Honestly, I'd still rather be a brunette, because a blonde is just not who I am." I have to admit that I admire her courage and unwavering commitment to her core principles.
Kyle cautions us that "if you do have a signature look, one that you're known for and everyone loves, be extra careful" about making any major style decisions. She knows this, in part, thanks to an unfortunate young adult haircut that left her looking "like an artichoke." I would personally consider it a compliment of the highest order to be told I resemble such a respectable vegetable, but there's no accounting for personal taste! For example, Kyle tells us:
I just could never go for those super-expensive shampoos, are you kidding, with all my hair and all the kids' hair? I'd have to sell my house -- which isn't an option!
I can't help but be offended at how fervently Kyle tried to convince us, earlier in the book, that she's just a regular mom who knows exactly how much a gallon of milk costs. But shampoo -- what could that run? Sixty, seventy thousand? Too rich for my blood! We're treated to a surprise guest appearance from Kyle "Jerry Seinfeld" Richards:
My God, do they have to have fifty different types of conditioner to confuse us and drive us insane? Ha-ha!
before our author goes on to enlighten us regarding the two single biggest miracles of modern technology: the World Wide Web and personal lubricant. I mean, hair oil.
You can find different brands at beauty supply stores and online. One I like has the consistency of K-Y Jelly. Hmm, yes, I think this Moroccan oil might have multiple uses! Ha-ha!
And that's not the only thing you can find online! Kyle also proffers her tips for finding a quality makeup artist:
Start by looking in the yellow pages under beauty and makeup, or do a search online. I know some websites keep lists of people who work in local areas.
We also learn that it's "very important to know what colors make your eyes pop." Unfortunately, Kyle neglects to tell us what keywords to look up in the Yellow Pages in order to track down that particular piece of information, so I'm at a bit of an impasse there. Nevertheless, she carries on to share the following super-relatable experience:
You know when you see people and their makeup looks uneven? I don't know if you notice those things, but I do. I'll think, Why does she have the line coming out so far from one eye and not the other?
I'm tucking this nugget away as exculpatory evidence the next time my therapist tries to reassure me that no one else is paying nearly as much attention to my every mistake as I think they are. I read on to learn that it's very important to refine your skills in makeup application "or you'll end up looking like a drag queen!" And that's not even the most horrific fate that might await you! As Kyle shares:
I've done it where one eye ended up seeming smaller than the other, and it looked like I had a stroke! And then because I'm a hypochondriac, I thought maybe I did have a stroke. Ha-ha!
I am 99% sure that I will have a stroke if I have to read "Ha-ha!" one more time. But if I stop reading now, I'll miss out on so many helpful tips and tricks. Such as Kyle's recommendation to use "you know, the intense black liner that's made from some kind of mineral powder that they've used in Middle Eastern countries forever?" Other beauty pointers are more transgressive:
I kept that secret, at least from Mauricio, until the live reunion show right after Real Housewives, season 1. Andy Cohen from Bravo asked me -- live on television -- "Have you used Botox?" Uhh. Oh my God. Great. What do I do now? I couldn't lie. I just can't lie. So I had to fess up. "Yes, I have." Are you happy now? Ha!
Inspired by Kyle's courageous vulnerability, I have a confession to make: I, too, am a regular IM Botox user. Please, hold your applause -- your unending admiration of my radical transparency is more than sufficient reward.
However, Kyle cautions, "let's not get out of control here." As she clarifies, "it's the fillers that I'm afraid are getting to be an epidemic of nightmare proportions." In a COVID world, it's hard not to scoff at the apparent hyperbole, but Kyle is not speaking lightly:
Can you imagine if they find out one day that we're all going to die from this? This would be one empty town.
The passage ends on a final, ominous warning: "Please, for all our sakes, don't overdo the filler." Kyle truly is the Cassandra of our modern age.
We continue on, and I'm zero percent surprised to learn that Kyle's favorite shade of blush is called "Hot Mama." By the same logic, I am forced to assume that her favorite song is most likely the perennial Trace Atkins classic "Hot Mama." The hottest mama of them all muses on:
To me it's such a shame when you see someone who looks very nice, you know, the clothes, the purse, the makeup -- but then her nails are chipped. It just kills the whole deal.
I could love to know exactly what Kyle means by "the whole deal," but I'm too captivated by her self-deprecating charm in the following passage and lose my train of thought.
I have learned to accept the fact that I just don't have nice hands. Period. End of story. Good hair, bad hands. Ha-ha!
The next chapter -- "Kyle Style" -- begins with our author confiding that "I always say that I'm a juicy drummette [sic] -- you know, the tiny but meaty part of a chicken drum." Personally, I consider myself to be more of a chicken thigh -- tender, yet firm, with a deep and sophisticated flavor profile. Nevertheless, I’m eager for Kyle to "talk a little about diet and exercise -- but just a little. Ha!" Of the select pieces of guidance she opts to share, many of them consist of ways to impart body-positive values to your daughters. As an example:
When I see a really thin girl in a magazine or on a TV show, I make a point of saying, "That girl is too thin; that's not attractive at all." And it truly doesn’t appeal to me in the least. That is not how God meant for our bodies to be.
I appreciate Kyle's efforts to shed light on the oft-neglected Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not be too thin. She goes on to channel her best impersonation of a Cathy cartoon -- "Don't most women have to have chocolate in their lives?" Ack! She elaborates:
I keep frozen dark chocolate in my freezer at all times -- a whole bunch of it, because there have been times where I would have betrayed my country for just one piece of chocolate. Ha!
We segue clumsily to fashion advice, and Kyle shares that she is "really drawn to tops with unusual sleeves." She also informs us that "H&M is a great place to shop for cheap but fabulous stuff." What's more, "they have lots of stores on the East Coast and the West Coast, and some in the Midwest." So relatable! Kyle enigmatically claims that she has "the scariest pajama situation," from which I can only conclude that her nightgown has recently become haunted by the spirit of a vengeful demon who refuses to grant her even a moment's respite.
But even in the face of such insurmountable terror, Kyle manages to find the positive -- "I love, love, love, love shoes." And this isn't just a frivolous diversion -- far from it! Footwear is critical to the very fiber of one's being. Kyle poses the pointed question "If their shoes are falling apart what does that say about them?" I'm not sure how reliable of an indicator this is, however; for example, I have been falling apart multiple times, but my shoes have always remained more-or-less intact. However, Kyle's continuing diatribe makes me realize that shoe neglect is a far more pervasive problem that I'd ever previously realized:
I have a real pet peeve about when the bottom part of a woman's heel comes off, but she just keeps walking around on the heel with the naked metal shaft sticking out and you hear the "click, click" every time she takes a step. What is she thinking? She's not thinking! Doesn’t she realize how she's presenting herself to the world? If she's walking around like that, what does her home look like?
Kyle, on the other hand, takes great care to ensure that her physical appearance clearly telegraphs her social class. As she informs us, "the only flats I wear are Chanel." But it's not enough simply to upgrade your podiatric picks -- "you have to figure out what lifts your spirits, not just your heels." Kyle, for example, moonlights as a Real Life Fashion Designer! She recalls:
It was fun picking the fabrics and the hardware and the designs and saying things like, "No, absolutely no rhinestones!" Not on my bags!
She continues, remarking that "the process came very naturally to me." I, too, find that the process of making miscellaneous unprompted proclamations of my aesthetic preferences comes "very naturally" to me. As soon as I find a fashion manufacturer willing to unconditionally indulge me, I'll be all set! However, I have to admit that my styling senses are not yet quite as developed as Kyle's. A true creative, Kyle is both art and artist:
If I put on an outfit that looks like of dull, I then think of it as a canvas and start adding long chains and other things to spice it up.
She proclaims that "hats are very underrated" before concluding the chapter and moving along to a thorough exploration of the entertaining arts. If you heed Kyle's advice, you'll be sure to avoid some of the most devastating party-planning pitfalls -- "like when you go to someone's house and there's only a little bit of food, so you feel scared to eat." In contrast:
At my daughter's birthday party I had a petting zoo and a moon bounce and princesses walking around, and sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish. People had a good time.
I was skeptical at first, but "Happy Birthday" in Spanish?I I'm a big enough person to admit when I'm jealous. And that's just one of Kyle's many hostessing hits -- "for example, with our White Parties…we like to go for a hip Miami club vibe." Which is a particularly sophisticated way to say "we really love cocaine." And public sexual debauchery, if the following passage is to be believed:
The first year we even had mattresses and cabanas. We try to find that balance where it's elegant, but people can still let loose.
Never one to shy away from a HomeGoods endcap display, Kyle chronicles her home décor journey across the calendar year:
I start on October 1 and bring out these little sparkly beaded pumpkins I have and put them out all around the house.
I've taken the initiative to mark October 1st as "Little Sparkly Beaded Pumpkin Day" in my trusty planner to ensure that I, too, can celebrate this hallowed holiday in the coming year. In preparation, I'm eager to read more of Kyle's homemaking counsel. Lesson one? "No chicken wings -- they look unattractive, for one thing, and your food should always look elegant." Then what, you may ask, should you serve instead?
You need to have little delicious bites that people can pop in their mouths, like shrimp with sauce, small pieces of sushi, tiny meatballs on a toothpick, little goat-cheese pastries, sausage bites with Dijon mustard.
Kyle also opens up to us about the prohibitive compulsions that guide her daily actions. As she shares, "I cannot have people over without a million candles being lit." A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that — even at a footprint of 1 square inch per candle — we're nearing seven thousand square feet of floor space. And while I know my perspective is skewed by the sheer disrespect of the Boston housing market, I can't imagine that kind of real estate comes cheap.
We're also encouraged to consider "Latin music for a Cinco de Mayo party," and I am choosing to willfully misinterpret this as a suggestion to blare monastic chanting at my next soiree. Or perhaps I'll try out another piece of Kyle's advice:
If it's possible, I try to have one extra entertainment going on in some quiet room of the house, like a psychic or a magician.
It's really generous of Kyle to assume that I just happen to have an extra room in which to host an intimate recital of clowning or mimery. But I do have a sparkling wit and subscriptions to a variety of streaming services, so that's got to count for something!
Kyle winds down her tale with an explanation of her decision to join RHOBH. And funnily enough, it may be the 'realest' part of the entire book:
But the acting business has changed so much. I took off a lot of years to have kids, and when I went back, there were huge stars in little guest roles on TV and I just basically felt like I'd been pushed way down the totem pole.
I never wanted to do a reality show or a soap opera. But eventually I agreed.
Beaten into submission and self-degradation by the cruel demands of a relentless world. What could be realer than that?!
The final pages of the book contain a brief "About The Author" sketch that I assume has been haphazardly pieced together from the About Me section of Kyle's Facebook profile page:
This sassy California native was born in Hollywood, into an acting family.

Kyle is an avid advocate for the fight against cancer.

Kyle believes "If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun."
And with that final self-attribution of Pinterest's favorite Katherine Hepburn quote, I leave this Real Housewife and go back to the real world -- until next time!

See comment below for my future reading plans
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2020.06.25 00:50 Faithinthebigguy How the Devil ACTUALLY works

I feel like this should be in the religion channel because it's really just adding to what already exists in the bible and exorcist documentation. But for some strange reason they don't want people to know how the Devil actually works there. So I had to post it here.
The evil legions
To know thy enemy is to help defeat thy enemy. So let's get to know them a little bit
which is actually something the devil really doesn't want people to know at all. Cause
knowing really is half the battle here. Once you see them they are much easier to
defeat. Once you know they are there trying to influence you to get angry, or to say
mean things they are that much easier to resist. My dad and his wife are already
beginning to realize theirs and they are shocked at just how mean and angry they used
to be all the time.
Movies and games lead us to believe the Devil has a physical form on this planet. They
want us to believe we can simply pull out a gun and kill them. Well unfortunately it is
not that easy. It makes movies and games a lot more fun to think they have physical forms
here but in fact they don't. They can only attach themselves to us and live vicariously
through us. The devil doesn't just pop up in a cloud of smoke with a pitch fork and a
pointy tail. He comes through us without most of us realizing what is going on even
though others around us can see it. They will begin to see people changing and doing or
saying things they normally would not, like while in a severe depression.
What the bible calls 'sin' are negative energy attachments to us. These are the things
that give us the influence to do things we would not otherwise do. On any normal average
day your spirit defenses should be up. But once in a while we go through devastating
emotional or physical loss and these negative energy attachments can latch on to us.
That's why people after a very hard breakup usually start thinking about suicide. People
who come to a mutual conclusion for a breakup probably aren't having those same thoughts.
Think of the human body as a radiating light. When you are born you 'should' be born
free of any negative entites. But that is why there is also a cleansing ritual at birth.
Simply passing water over a child and asking God and Jesus to cleanse the child of any
sins and they will to be sure they have a fair start in life as everyone else. Then it
is up to your parents to be sure you are raised correctly without sin entering your life,
or even worse being the cause of your sin.
As we go through life just walking around our spirit defenses are up. Nothing can
randomly assign and attach to us although you may feel some negativity around. It
shouldn't be able to dig in. Something needs to happen for that. You either need to
accept the wrong things into your life on purpose, or a dramatic event happens like
someone being raped, getting drunk and passing out or being beaten by a spouse or parent.
When things like this happen the spirit defenses go down. This allows the devil and his
army of negative spirits to latch onto us. Typically the thing that caused the damage
is the type that will latch on.
One time I was nearly passed out drunk at a friends house. I was outside in the rain
and I saw a shadow figure standing next to a tree. I got this sense in my head of
"I've got you now" and I saw him leaping towards me. I remember thinking "Oh no you
don't!" but I fear it was too late. I was also at my house once while living in
Redmond, WA and I was just getting into bed. I remember laying down and feeling a
strange feeling on my head like a buzzing sense. Then I felt almost like I was being
pulled out of my body. It was not a good feeling so I fought it and tried to wake
up. Keep in mind this is in the first 10 minutes or so of just having gone to bed
so I wasn't sleepy or doing any drugs or anything. Then I woke up unable to move.
I was laying on my stomach with my head turned slightly up and I felt something
physically on my back. I felt like it had claws and they were digging into my back.
I tried to sceam, shout, move, anything but I just couldn't do it. I eventually
passed out and woke up the next morning freaking out. This is what some people call
sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis or seeing shadow people in your room is a good sign that you have had
a very strong negative attachment or demon tied to you. Once they are latched on they
do not simply just go away. Even though you can't see or feel them any more directly
believe me they are still there. That's when they begin to influence your thoughts
and you will start having urges to do things you wouldn't normally do. And the devil
and his legions aren't stupid. They aren't going to enter your body and on the first
day try to get you to kill someone. They are smart. They start out small. Let's do
one little bad thing, drink a little bit, do some light drugs, then move slowly but
surely into harder and harder things and they are hoping to get you to a point where
they actually can get you to be a full blow rapist, murderer, killer and hardcore drug
Many people will be able to physically tell they have these attachments on them. They
will feel a constant aching or burning in one area of their body, and a lot of times it
will be on the back. It will be a super sore muscle or a tingly sensation on the skin.
And it just doesn't ever seem to go away. It's always there. Jenna had her attachment
right about 5 inches below her shoulder dead center on her spine. She was always
rubbing it and would put a ball down on the ground and roll over the ball on her neck
in that area. She knew exactly where the negative energy attachment was she just didn't
know what it actually was. Some people will get migranes with ones attached to their
heads or constant terrible lower back pains to ones attached there. But where do they
come from?
Let's say you get 10 people plastered drunk. One of them for some strange reason
comes out an alcoholic. That one is the one the spirit of loving alcohol attached to.
From now on that person will experience strong negative thoughts constantly from that
spirit to want to drink. And if they don't drink that spirit can actually cause
physical ailments if it is not getting what it wants. They may feel their skin crawling,
headaches, pains, addiction symptoms. But the other 9 people could be perfectly fine.
Many will attest this to just being 'in their blood' or something. Which is exactly what
the devil wants you to think. Because if you don't know he's there, then you don't have
to turn to God to get rid of him. Something small like smoking or alcoholism can be
defeated by yourself with tremendous difficulty. But the greater demons you will all but
need the assistance of God and Jesus to get rid of. When you have something like this it
should be a realization that you need God and Jesus Christ in your life. They are always
there to help.
These evil spirits will sometimes even 'take over' for the first time doing something.
Almost like you are having an out of body experience when doing it. Then they will back
down and let you do it on your own and now you feel like you were the one with the whole
idea in the first place. But if you ever stop, then they will get angry and remind you
to keep doing it. They are lazy they don't want to have to keep making you do it every
time. They just want to keep feeding on the negative energy you get from doing evil
sinful things on your own. I think that's why people who start killing can't stop.
Once they please that demon, they feel the need to keep going on and on to keep it
happy which in turn makes them feel good. Not unlike the need to smoke except a much
harsher sin.
Let me share a personal experience I had with this. When I was about 15 I was at a
friends house who had a ferret. I liked that little thing a lot. One night in my room
he was sleeping with me I felt myself get very angry all of a sudden. Then I started
choking the ferret till it died. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I never hurt
animals before nore did I have a need to! After it died I felt like I 'woke up' and
thought "What did I JUST DO?!". So I started giving it CPR and amazingly it worked.
He came back to life! I was so happy I didn't just kill this poor little guy.
Then I got 'shut down' again, something took me over and started strangling it again!
After it died again I felt like I 'woke up' again and I was back in control. I could
not bring it back to life this time though. Whatever demon was taking control of me
wanted me to find pleasure in killing things. And I absolutely refused. I never hurt
another animal like that again in my life. I didn't realize what had happened until
my awakening when Jesus and God removedall of my sins. That event has bothered me
all of my life until now. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me in
doing that. But now I realize it was the devil trying to get me to follow his lead
and keep doing it in which case I refused.
Now I can reflect back on my life and see I made the right decisions in not continuing
to follow the devils teachings. This whole time though I thought there was something
very wrong with me. Now I know it was something else evil that had done this to
try to tempt me to become evil. I'm sure many of you have a similar feeling to
something like this. Or even thoughts of things where you reject them and are like
"Why would I ever do that, or even think it?!". These thoughts aren't your own. And
I would say most of us are good and reject these thoughts and feelings afterwards. But
some don't and they continue down the dark path.
It's nearly impossible to identify these things by yourself. Even if you are aware
you need to be looking. That's why it is so important to hold a circle of friends
on a Sunday so everyone can get a chance to speak and let each other know if they see
anything on the others that looks out of place from previously. Keep in mind the ONLY
thing that can defeat these evil things is God and Jesus Christ. If you think you are
going to take medicine for this well it's possible you can end up temporarily removing
the pain but you're more likely to add to that pain now with more of the devil's work.
And this whole bit about the 'universe' helping along with healing stones,
dream catchers, buddahs, or any other bit from a 'strange god' is not going to assist
but actually make it worse.
And let's be clear about this too. If you cut yourself with a knife, you don't need to
call on God to fix it. You need a bandaid. If you fall and break your leg, you don't
need to call on God to fix that either. Nor is he likely to. You need to go to the
hospital and get it fixed. What you don't need are crazy pain medications that cause
addictions. And you don't need to go to the hospital to try to fix a negative energy
attachment. These are two different causes to what looks almost like the same problems.
And I'm not saying every person with a back ache has demons, nor am I saying every
person with demons has back aches. It's just 'very common' to have these things.
One cause is physical, like cutting yourself, one cause is spiritual, like a smoking
entity. You can't just take medication to get rid of a smoking entity. It's possible
to actually even beat some entities on your own if you suffocate them enough to the
point they just leave. Like a smoking entity. Those that have been strong enough to
rid themselves of that sin by themselves are fantastic people. I received my cure
without actually knowing it was even coming. But many of our physical medical issues
today are actually caused spiritually. That's why nobody can seem to find a cure.
All they seem to find is a temporary relief or pain killers. But it's not fixing the
actual cause of the problem. And people who have never had an addiction will never
Some of these spirits are just too strong for us to defeat ourselves. Especially
if anyone ever has the devil himself latched on. This is what was attached to Jenna.
This thing caused her so much pain in her back, asthma, depression, thoughts of suicide,
and it was probably what burst her appendix when we were seeing each other in an attempt
to get me to not show up for a week so he could take her over not realizing because I
loved her I was going to anyways. In that case for sure you are going to need the help
of God and Jesus Christ. God is the one true God of all creation. Demons have no power
to him. He created them who then revolted against God.
So these spirits, negative entities, devils, demons, whatever name you would like to
give them seem to have a heirarchy system. You've got your lesser ones which do little
things like just make people have bursts of anger for no reason. Ever heard someone
get really mad really fast, then apologize right after saying they had no idea why?
Well now you know. And when you know it's there the next time you feel the need to
shout out you can hopefully stop yourself realizing it's not your thought. Then you've
got some medium ones who like to do things like be lazy, smoke, drink, find painful sex
enjoyable, eat too much, be greedy and horde all their wealth, cause pain in others any
way they can and other things along this line. Then you've got your major ones which
can actually take over physical control of their hosts and make them do things like self
mutilation, sleep walking, in rare cases hurt others. The punishment usually fits the
crime though. If you've got a major demon you usually did something majorly wrong. A
major demon isn't going to enter someone who just likes to eat red meat. It's possible
this person might not be prone to the rest of the things he would like to do.
Some of them are subtle early on and are gaining in strength. Ever known someone that
at a young age would sometimes 'get in a mood'? People would be like "Oh she's in one
of her moods". Then an hour or two later she's 'OK' again? That would be her negative
energy attachment taking her over for a short period of time. And it gets worse and
worse as time goes on. 1 hour mood swings turn into 2 hours, 4, 8, 24 hours. Over time
that thing gets stronger and stronger to the point where it eventually wants to be able
to control her fully and completely. That is a very good example of one of the lesser
ones gaining strength over time. This of course is probably going to be attempted as
explainable by phsyciatrists. But after 100's of years of psychology, what have they
fixed? Nothing. They are very good at finding the issues at hand and the signs of
attachments and possessions, but they don't have a solution for the fix. Because it's
a spiritual battle at hand for the most part.
For those of you who like to party you will know exactly what I am talking about. You
put just enough alcohol in your system so that you get to that halfway 'shut down'
phase and it feels almost as if something else has taken over for you. But you still
remember everything you just get to enjoy all the feelings without being in control.
Then when that shut down feeling starts wearing off, you drink a bit more. Some people
actually black out while drinking. That's because their entitites actually just took
them over rather than letting you sit in the back seat and watch.
This is really bad and means you probably have something terrible latched onto you that
doesn't even want you feeling any enjoyment at all. Then people will tell this person
"You were saying and doing some crazy stuff!". And that person has no idea what even
happened. This feeling though almost becomes addictive to be out of control and
something else is having all the fun for you and you just remember it all. Of course
this is how the devil works. He wants to keep you in a state where you think you are
happy and in fact you are in pain. It's very hard to get out of on your own. It's also
much more boring to be on the path of God, honestly. But we're not here to enjoy this
one life we are here to show we want to enjoy the entirety of our life after this place.
This is also why you'll see some actors in hollywood won't actually go to their films.
They know they have given their souls up in exchange for a great career. When they
watch themselves on the big screen it's almost as if they aren't even watching
themselves. It's their possession doing their work for them. Then they get to just
enjoy the money, wealth and fame afterwards. And of course in exchange for that once
they die their souls will be going to the underworld for eternal torment, torture and
incporporation into th devil's legions. The good news is that God and Jesus are
always here to accept your apology. No matter how bad we have sinned once we find
them we are welcome back into their house! We just have to allow them into our hearts
and love them, then reject the devil and all his teachings. One thing I'm not so sure
about though is if you PLAN to wait till the last minute to enjoy as much of the sin
as you can, then swap over. I'm not sure how they would react to that. So why risk
it? Is it worth risking your eternal soul trying to find a little loophole?
Hopefully this has shed some light on what the infernal legions are actually like.
They don't show up in a puff of smoke with a pointy tail. They come in through us
through a spiritual attachment on the body somewhere. And they say temptation is
never gone even when you are cleansed. And it's true. Even though I don't feel that
physical need to smoke any more I do get the psychilogical one every once in a while
as a reminder. And I of course pass it up knowing God and Jesus Christ are more
important in my life than poison in my body. I was the one who made the choice to do
this not them. So I will suffer for it until I move onto heaven. I also still have
a negative energy attachment on my back. He's there as a constant reminder that they
do exist. He also gets tingly and excited if I ever start seeing or experiencing
negative emotions or influences. So in a way he is my alert system. But he no longer
has any power over me.
We should never turn people away just because of their attachments or sins. We should
be there to help them. Beause almost all of us have had to go through at least one
of these things in our lifetimes. One of the hardest commandments to follow for most
men will probably be the one that explains no premarital sex and no self pleasuring.
I think people will soon find just how far we have really come from the path of God.
When people realize it I believe they will want to do the right thing even if it
means following the harder path. I know I am. I mean it's right around the corner
for robotic partners to be a real thing in your house. There will be nothing further
from the path of God than having an android as a husband or wife.
You should also be knowledgable to noticing if you or those around you are affected
by these negative entities. The other night I felt as if my room went completely
black. My guides were no longer there, Jesus was no longer there and even God had
left me. I thought I had done something wrong. I asked if I had and I got no
answer. I knew to trust in God and his will so I just went with the situation,
not as though I could do much anyways.
I felt things starting to crawl up my leg. I felt something touching my head and my
head started buzzing with energy. Then I felt if I was being taken over, like Jenah.
It felt like something was pushing me down in my own body. Like I was in the back seat
now and it had taken me over. But I could still see what was going on. Almost like I
was hanging on by my fingertips looking over the ledge. This is what some people call
an 'out of body' experience. Cause you almost feel like you're out of your body, but
you're not. If you ever get this feeling it's probably because you are possessed by
sometehing and it's not always a bad entity. I know some people get this feeling but
in a good way like when they play music or do sports. They get this almost out of body
notion that something else is helping them. So some good exists in this way as well.
God had me go through this so I could relate to others and explain what is going on.
Because I can feel energy differently than others I can give a good description as to
what the feeling is like. This may help others be able to identify and analyze
themselves what is going on. And if you do have issues like this you need to seek
help, and start to accept God and Jesus Christ into your life. This more than likely
means something terrible has entered your spirit and is now tormenting you and those
around you. In fact when you are tormented by something like this, like say a sexual
demon who likes to inflict pain you usually end up finding someone else who also enjoys
feeling that pain. Then you think you are 'sexually compatible', when in fact all
that has matched is the demons inside of both of you. I can guarantee you a man with
this kind of demon in him could never get along with a pure christian woman with no
sin in her. She doesn't have that negative energy attachment on her to turn that
pain into pleasure. Of course over time she could eventually get it, but definitely
not at first. That's why it's better to just not start to begin with.
I used to also have extreme problems sleeping. My body was always tingling when
trying to go to bed. I would be twitching and making lots of weird arm and leg
movements. Sometimes I'd even feel something drag a finger down my belly which
would make me jump out of bed. Some people may experience aches and pains while just
laying there, or tingly sensations. Then even when you do get to sleep you wake
easily and can have a hard time getting back to sleep. I used to take sleeping pills
for this just so I could actually rest. The day after my awakening I no longer had
to do this. I now sleep like a baby every night. And for the first time ever I no
longer even feel the need for 8+ hours of sleep every night. I seem to be
functioning perfectly with only 4-6 hours. This is a very strange feeling for me
indeed. This is another one of those physical representations that what I went
through was very real proving to me that this wasn't just all made up.
You will also find people who have serious negative entities in them are also easy
to influence. They are so used to having something else influencing them they also
get influenced by others fairly easily. It's almost as if they feel they have no
more will of their own. Perhaps not always to advertising but at least to people
around them. If someone starts doing a fad they're almost sure to be the next one
to follow.
Something you will notice about this list is that it's going to incorporate a lot
of people. And that's kind of my point. This has been going on for so long and
the devil has been amassing so much that the world is now in a state of darkness like
it has never been before. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the availability
of the Internet. People are falling into darkness left and right. The problem is
they don't even know it. The word needs to start getting out of what is causing
so much of their pain and problems. Once they realize what's going on they may
be more willing to allow God and Jesus into their hearts and love them.
All it takes is for someone to start watching some videos of people failing, and
laughing at their failures. Then it slowly ramps up from there to watching car
crash videos and people getting hurt, then people dying, then people shooting
themselves then who knows from there. It gets worse and worse and worse. And they
don't even realize what is going on. We have to help get the word out of what is
going on. So that if people feel like these are the choices they want to continue
making, they at least will know the consequences of their actions. As of right now
nobody really feels like there is an alternative. We have to let them know they are
either on the path to God, or they are on the path to the devil. There is no in between.
There is no grey area. You're either going up, or going down. And making no choice
is making no choice to go with God.
Because Christians know about these 'sins' they tend to usually try to date others
inside of their same Christian realm. It's not that they think they are better
than the others who aren't Christians. They just know the the other person is more
likely to have less problems than your average sinner. And if you've ever lived
near a Christian you should realize they are almost always more happy and friendly
than the rest of those around them. That's why they try to stay inside their realm
of Christianity when finding a mate, knowingly or unknowingly.
I found some outside material to help prove some of these points and you can see other even very popular people talking about these issues.
Lady Gaga has multiple times explained she has felt like she is possessed and/or followed
around by a demon or the devil.
Here is an article of her explaining dreams it forces her to have:
Here is a video of Lady Gaga explaining how the Devil works, sounds familiar yes? She
explains 'evil' doesn't have a color. It's an invisible snake that comes through people.
Here is a very popular Youtuber, Colleen Ballinger, explaining how she was taken over
by a demon. It's funny people even try to tell her "Oh that's just sleep paralysis" and
she is like "No people. It was a DEMON!". And she is right:
Here is a 2 part series on Youtube from Perry Stone who talks about the five signs of
demonic possession. Let's list out his signs here which he states in the video. I even
like the way he explains possessions as he mentions not everyone would need an exorcism.
Some spirits just aren't that strong as I mentioned. In fact most aren't. Only in these
extreme cases like Jenna would we need to perform an actual exorcism. When the host has
had their motor functions taken over.
1)Awake day and night, getting little sleep
2)Running from those who care about you
3)Living in a tomb (solitary)
4)Violent (To yourself or others)
5)Cutting yourself, self mutilation
You see the ultimate sin in the book is to kill yourself. If you don't know what is goin
on and you can't sleep, push everyone you love away, live in solitary, are violent to
others around you and are constantly in pain from the attachment and from hurting
yourself you are very very likely to end your own life because you will probably think
anything would be better than having to go through all of that.
Here's the video:
Here's a video of a woman who had an exorcism explaining what it was like having this
thing stuck onto you and how greatful she was to have God and Jesus in her life now to
not have to deal with it any more. This was on ABC news and is very truthful:
Here's a couple other inspirational videos I thought went along well with this too.
One man died in a plane crash, saw pure evil, came back and lived to tell his story:
One athiest man nearly died, saw pure evil, called for Jesus and was saved. Then he
proceeds to tell his story to everyone:
We could probably keep on listing on and on but you should be getting the point here.
This is not a joke like most people think. The devil isn't just some fairybook story
that someone made up just to get you to go to church. These things really exist. And
the more doctors can give everything a name for spiritual attachments the harder it is
going to be for people to want to get rid of them. Now I'm not saying every single
medical problem is a spiritual attachment.
All my love and thanks to everyone!
With peace and love I hope you have been enlightened to be able to see the different
paths and find the path you see best fits you.
God loves you
Jesus loves you
They will always be there when you feel you're finally ready. We just have to give
ourselves to them and allow them into our hearts.
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2020.05.16 20:57 currycelcs Report: How a self-professed Indian "billionaire" has been reduced to reporting Muslims on Twitter.

The following two paragraphs are from this Wannabe Billionaire: Arun Pudur's Tech Fortune May Be Largely Fiction:
From a Kuala Lumpur office, 38-year-old Arun Pudur is building an international business empire, or so he says. The flagship of his Pudur Corp., he says, competes with Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and other technology giants with copycat products that he promotes as cheaper, faster and less prone to viruses. Its biggest seller is a knockoff of Microsoft Office that he says boasts 25.6 million users, including U.S. multinationals such as General Electric, Krispy Kreme, MTV and Boeing.
After software there's mining. Pudur says he bought a gold mine in South Africa in January and that he aims to become the world's third-largest platinum producer in five years.
Five years ago, he says, he began trading liquefied natural gas in East Asia. He says he and a partner are developing a beach resort, casino and water theme park in Malawi.
He says he's invested $10.2 million in Genesis Telecom, which he describes as an underwater-cable operator that will supply 30% of all Internet service to Indonesia.
All in all, Pudur Corp. claims it operates in 20 industries and 70 countries--generating $13.4 billion in revenue last year and reaping $3.6 billion in net profits.
Bloomberg had him speak in December at its ASEAN Business Summit in Bangkok. The topic: Entrepreneurship: Turning Ideas Into Global Success Stories. Earlier, Twitter included him in an e-book it published titled "Tweets From the Top," amid a collection from Asia-Pacific leaders, including South Korea President Park Geun-hye, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra.
Pudur certainly likes to call himself a billionaire, and he agrees with Wealth-X that he's worth $4 billion. As one of Pudur's tweets, hashtagged #lifelessons, says: "People buy you, your stories, your magic, never your products or services."
Now, all this looks very promising (Not!). We have got another person who will follow in the prestigious, honest and hardworking footsteps of Ambani and Adani (/s). However, there are some vital things missing....
However, Pudur's business empire--and his billions--may be largely fiction. FORBES ASIA e-mailed 25 people on a list supplied by Pudur Corp. of customers, distributor-partners and business associates. None of those who responded corroborated the supposed scale of his operation. Nearly half used Gmail, Yahoo or other personal e-mail addresses instead of company or official addresses. Some did not turn up in online searches and were invisible on professional networks such as LinkedIn and CrunchBase.
Suspicions were first raised when our reporter visited the company headquarters in December to interview Pudur. For a business putatively so large, its profile in downtown Kuala Lumpur is notably low-key. Its offices occupy just one part of the 7th floor in a 26-story building. There are no exterior signs proclaiming its presence. Inside, when a visitor wants to use a restroom, it turns out to be a facility shared with other tenants at the end of a maze of corridors. Pudur says his operation has only 132 employees, which is remarkable given that his flagship technology unit--Celframe--spent $1.6 billion on research & development in 2014, according to its latest annual report. But he says most of that work is outsourced and that there are another 13,700 "indirect" or remote workers.
If you read the article given above, you'll discover more of this person's "karnamas". All in all, this guy is just another mega-cheat and exactly like the fraud who was in the news very recently - Mr. B. R. Shetty. (You can read about him here - Two Indians and lax compliance brought trouble to UAE banks), just another pet-dog of Modi and the PR-BJP.
Now, what's amazing is that the said person is now just another Twitter troll - the blue tick one, whose sole purpose is to remove any sort of agency and influence that an Indian Muslim in the Gulf have to their disposal.
He has now resorted to doxxing Muslims living in the gulf and reporting them to the Ministry of External Affairs, India just because they were targeting the hypocrites leeching of Arab money and then posting Islamophobic content online - dehumanising the already vulnerable Indian Muslims. (Few cases like - Indian expat sacked and faces jail for insulting Islam.)
You can read here ( how the degenerate takes pride in calling names to the Muslims they've doxxed - Ola/Uber, Jihadi, etc. Supposedly their aim is to deport him back to India and make him rot in prison. Like they've done recently with UAPA.
Inshallah, I don't think they'll be able to do anything to the said person as he hasn't committed any sort of crime (per UAE law) and there are enough Muslims to help him there.
Things to note here is that:
  1. There is a systematic hierarchy being followed by these Indian "dharmic" patriots/trolls on reducing the Indian Muslim to nothing - so that no one is able to hear their point of view.
  2. Popular social media channels like Twitter, Quora and Facebook have been completely hacked on behest of the government. A lot of times, you can see a Sanghi commenting first on any sort of post related to Islam before a Muslim.
  3. They think they can go scot-free but there has been immense backlash from Muslims world-wide and this is not going well with them, therefore this supposed billionaires(lol) are being employed by the IT cell to target muslims and give impetus to the Rs. 2 per tweet troll army.
  4. If you check his tweets, the said fraud has links with Vikas Pandey ( who once threatened SC lawyer on twitter who was fighting Ayodhya case. You can even listen to a Tedx talk by him here (check the comments and the like-dislike ratio to know how welcomed he was there)
Forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes.
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2020.03.08 05:06 Wulfrvm11 the entire Big Time Rush wikipedia article

Big Time Rush (group)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigation#mw-head)Jump to search#p-search)Big Time Rush📷From left to right; Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena, Jr.Background informationAlso known asBTROriginLos Angeles, California, United StatesGenres
Years active2009–2014LabelsColumbiaPast members
Big Time Rush was an American pop music boy band formed in 2009. The group consisted of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena Jr. The group starred in Nickelodeon's television series Big Time Rush and signed to a record deal with Nick Records simultaneously with the television series, and then the group was eventually signed to Columbia Records. The show ran from November 28, 2009 to July 25, 2013. The pilot episode featured the group's first promotional single, "Big Time Rush". They released three studio albums, which all achieved success. The band ceased performing in 2014.



2009–2010: Formation and BTR

Nickelodeon) signed Big Time Rush to a record deal in 2009 simultaneously with the television series, Big Time Rush. Then, Nickelodeon partnered with Columbia/Epic Label Group to produce the show and include the original music to the show. For the series, their debut single, "Big Time Rush)", was released on November 29, 2009.[1]#citenote-1) Officially announced by Nickelodeon, the series was first broadcast in the U.S. in November 2009, until it was eventually released worldwide. It debuted during a one-hour special preview of the series and it is currently the show's opening theme. The series also saw the releases of other singles including "City is Ours" and "Any Kind of Guy". Big Time Rush also covered a Play) song titled "Famous)". The song was released on iTunes on June 29, 2010. Another song, "Halfway There", was released to iTunes on April 27, 2010, after its premiere on the series.[[2]]([[3]]( The single soon became their first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 93 due to digital sales.[[4]](
📷📷Maslow (left) and Pena (right).
On September 21, 2010, Big Time Rush released a promotional single, "Till I Forget About You", to promote the release of their debut album.[5]#citenote-5) The album, titled BTR), was released on October 11, 2010. The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 67,000 copies in its first week of release. The album also peaked at number 4 on the Internet Albums chart and number one on the Soundtracks chart. Its track "Big Night" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 79, making it their highest peaking song. The album was later certified Gold for sales of over 500,000 copies in the U.S.[[6]]( In November 2010, it was announced that a Christmas special of Big Time Rush would debut later that month, and that a Christmas EP would be released to coincide with the episode. On November 30, 2010, they released the Holiday EP Holiday Bundle, with two songs: "Beautiful Christmas" and the cover of "All I Want for Christmas is You)", originally performed by Mariah Carey.
On February 15, 2011, "Boyfriend" was released as the band's first official single to mainstream U.S. radio. "Boyfriend" peaked at number seventy-two on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming their most successful song to date. It even peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart in March 2011 and also charted very well in multiple international countries. A remix of "Boyfriend" which featured New Boyz was leaked onto the internet. Big Time Rush was nominated for MTV's Breakthrough Band award honor in 2011 as well.[7]#cite_note-7) Big Time Rush has made several appearances at KCA (Kid's Choice Awards.) Their single "Boyfriend" was nominated for a Premios Oye! award in Mexico (similar to the Grammy Award in the United States) for Best International English Song of the Year. They lost to Rihanna's single "Diamonds".

2011–2012: Elevate and film

📷Big Time Rush performs at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO on February 2, 2012
The group announced they would be recording their second studio album, just after Nickelodeon renewed the series for a third season.[8]#citenote-8) On July 22, 2011, the group released a promotional single, "If I Ruled the World" featuring Iyaz, in anticipation of their second album, Elevate). Elevate was released on November 21, 2011 and debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200, selling over 70,000 copies in its first week. Though the album had a lower peak position than their previous debut, Elevate sold far more copies its first week respectively than the previous album did.[[9]]( The first single, "Music Sounds Better with U", written by the band and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, was released on November 1, 2011. The song peaked at number twenty-six on the U.S. Pop Songs. The second single, "Elevate", was released on April 21, 2012. The third and last single, "Windows Down", was released on June 25, 2012 and peaked at number ninety-seven on the Billboard Hot 100.[[10]](
To promote the release of their second album, the group had their first headlining tour, the Better With U Tour, which took place over sixteen dates in February and March 2012. JoJo) opened for Big Time Rush for the first five dates, while One Direction opened for ten of the sixteen dates.[11]#citenote-11) In late February, Big Time Rush announced a national summer tour starting July 5 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH.[[12]]([[13]](
The group announced they would be starring in their full-length 2012 film, Big Time Movie. The movie features them traveling to London, England. In Big Time Movie, the four members of the group Big Time Rush head to London for their first big world tour but instead get mixed up in a mission to save the world. The film was released on March 10, 2012, in the U.S. to theaters, while a Germany release was on September 22, 2012. Due to the promotion, the group recorded cover of the Beatles songs and released an EP, Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP.[14]#citenote-14) The film received mixed to positive reviews from most contemporary film critics, many comparing them to The Monkees and praising their fun, carefree image.[[15]]( The film was a ratings success, having over thirteen million views during its premiere weekend.[[16]](

2013–2014: 24/Seven

📷📷Schmidt (left) and Henderson (right).
In 2013 Nickelodeon renewed the Big Time Rush series for a 13-episode fourth season, production started on January 7. The band also released a song titled "Like Nobody's Around" which according to the premiere episode "Big Time Invasion" was outlining the history of professional, successful, and all-American boy bands; the Platters, the Temptations, the Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC, in response to the British invasion of rival act, and hugely successful One Direction. On April 15, in an interview on Cambio, Big Time Rush announced that their third studio album, 24/Seven) would be released sometime in early June 2013 and that the fourth season of Big Time Rush was set to premiere on May 2, 2013. On April 18, Big Time Rush revealed that 24/Seven would be released on either June 4 or 11, 2013. On April 20, nine tracks from the album (plus "Song for You" without the Karmin vocals and "Get Up" with only Schmidt's vocals) were leaked. On June 4, EW released the full 10-song Standard version of 24/Seven online.[17]#cite_note-17) The Deluxe version of 24/Seven also leaked on YouTube along with a different version of the track "Love Me Again".
24/Seven was released on June 11, 2013, the album cover and track list were revealed on April 29, 2013. 24/Seven was less commercially successful than Elevate. It included singles such as the up-tempo title track "24/Seven" and the rock ballad "We Are". Big Time Rush were still nominated for World's Best Group, Best Album and Best Live Act for the ceremony in Monte Carlo, Monaco at the Salle des Etoiles Venue for the 22nd annual World Music Awards for their continuing global success with the band and their 24/Seven release. It was later confirmed that same night after the awards show that Big Time Rush had won the World's Best Live Act trophy, making them the very first and only Nickelodeon act and/or artist in history to win a World Music Award trophy.[18]#cite_note-auto-18)
In 2013, after the end of the run of the Big Time Rush television series, the group members continued touring until March 2014 and later put the band on an indefinite hiatus, and went on to pursue solo careers. Schmidt stated at that time that they would like to come back together again as a band if they have an opportunity.[19]#citenote-19) Kendall Schmidt later reformed the band Heffron Drive with Dustin Belt In May 2013.[[20]](


Musical style and themes

Because the group is associated with the TV series and children's network Nickelodeon, they have been presented as a "child-friendly" group, but have musical differences. In a review of their first studio album, BTR), Jessica Dawson from Common Sense Media wrote: "Big Time Rush is a standout, not only because of their boyish charm and good looks, but because their music is a cool blend of synth-pop, hip-hop, and boy-band harmonies."[21]#citenote-21) The sound of the band is described as "pop-inspired dance-rock".[[22]](

Public image

📷Elevate platinum record after the album sold more than 2 million units worldwide
The group has been compared to other boy bands of the time such as One Direction and the Wanted.[23]#citenote-washington-23) Michael O'Connell from The Hollywood Reporter said "One Direction is but one group in this resilient and timeless fad. They follow the recent success of fellow Brits [the Wanted] and Nickelodeon's cross-market creation [Big Time Rush]. One [One Direction] is fluke. Two [the Wanted] is a coincidence. And three [Big Time Rush] is a trend that you want to father your unborn children.'[[24]]( Melinda Newman from The Washington Post stated "In the grand tradition of boy bands, these acts share certain traits with their similarly manufactured pop ancestors: Members of the Wanted and Big Time Rush auditioned for their parts at a casting call. The members of One Direction were put together by Simon Cowell after trying out individually for the British edition of “The X Factor.”"[[23]]( However, she positively compared them to the Monkees by saying "Big Time Rush is similar to the Monkees with its own TV series as a launchpad, and the group appeals to kids, tweens, teens, and adults. They are also credited as the pop group that have once again restored creditably, relevance, and for relaunching boy bands back into the public eye once again."[[23]](
In Parade Magazine's 2012 poll, Big Time Rush was voted the "Best Boy Band in the World", topping both One Direction and the Wanted. Over 800,000 votes were cast. The band was featured on the cover of the August 5, 2012 issue of Parade which was a national top seller. An interview and photo set highlighting the group's win that coincided with the honor was featured in the same issue.[25][[26]]([[27]]( The magazine's website also featured the group amongst its list of "Greatest Boy Bands of All-Time", along with NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Big Time Rush have been honored and recognized multiple times by major media outlets throughout their time as a group. Due to their extreme worldwide popularity and success (along with being heavily credited as one of the bands that helped bring back the boy band wave) the Washington Times Magazine ranked Big Time Rush Number 15 of their Top 20 Best Boy Bands of the decade in 2012. And number 28 on the POP! Goes The Charts website list of the Top 40 Best Boy Bands of the past 25 years in 2013.[[28]]( To Toronto Sun, Pena talked about the group's impact on both music and television: "I think the music could stand alone, but I don't know if it would be as powerful. The show has definitely been our main audience. We have four million kids watching. So when you put a song out, four million kids hear it. When you put a song on the radio, you're not going to have four million people listening. It's a blessing and a curse being on Nickelodeon – it's gotten us where we are now, though some people are standoffish to us because of that. But we have to be grateful that Nickelodeon gave us this opportunity. Abandoning the show would not be the best idea".[[29]](



Main article: Big Time Rush discography


Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryRecipient(s)ResultRef.2010Australian Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International BandBig Time RushNominated[30]#citenote-kcaaus10-30)2011Australian Kids' Choice AwardsHottest Guy HottiesThemselvesNominated[[31]]( Bravo Otto AwardsSuper Pop Artist/Group of the YearBig Time RushWon[[32]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavourite BandBig Time RushNominated[[33]]([[34]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[33]]([[34]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite Song"Boyfriend"Won[[35]]( Europe Music AwardsBest New Global Push ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[36]]( Rocks AwardsRockin' Group of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[37]]([[38]]( BuzzWorthy AwardsFavorite Breakthrough Band or Artist of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[39]]( AwardsBest Band in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[40]]( Music Artist in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[40]]( Celebrity in Social MediaThemselvesNominated[[40]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushWon[[41]]( Prêmios NickFavorite International Music ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[42]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International Artist or GroupBig Time RushWon[[43]]( Bravo Otto AwardsSuper Pop Artist/Group of the YearBig Time RushWon[[32]]( Internet StarThemselvesNominated[[32]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[44]]([[45]]( Premios TelehitBest International Pop GroupBig Time RushNominated[[46]]( Popular ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[46]]( AwardsBest Band in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[47]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[48]]( ArmyRushersWon[[48]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International Artist or GroupBig Time RushWon[[49]]( TV Awards)Best New ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[50]]( Oye!Best International English Single of the Year"Boyfriend"Nominated[[51]]( Premios TelehitBoy Band of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[52]]( Choice AwardsChoice Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[53]]( Bravo Otto AwardsBest Global Pop Band or GroupBig Time RushNominated[[54]]([[55]]( Internet StarThemselvesNominated[[54]]([[55]]( Music AwardsWorld's Best Selling GroupBig Time RushNominated[[56]]('s Best Selling Album24/SevenNominated[[57]]('s Best Pop ActBig Time RushNominated[[58]]('s Best Selling American GroupBig Time RushNominated[[56]]('s Best Live ActBig Time RushWon[[18]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite Artist or Group InternationalBig Time RushWon[[59]](
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2020.03.03 06:42 BrainTrainingonline Mark Zuckerberg Entrepreneur

Imprint Zuckerberg is prime supporter and CEO of the long range interpersonal communication site Facebook, just as one of the world's most youthful very rich people.

Who Is Mark Zuckerberg?

Imprint Zuckerberg helped to establish the long range interpersonal communication site Facebook out of his school apartment at Harvard University. Zuckerberg left school after his sophomore year to focus on the site, the client base of which has developed to in excess of two billion individuals, making Zuckerberg an extremely rich person many occasions over. The introduction of Facebook was depicted in the 2010 film The Social Network.

Early Life

Zuckerberg was conceived on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York, into an agreeable, knowledgeable family. He was brought up in the close by town of Dobbs Ferry.

Zuckerberg's dad, Edward Zuckerberg, ran a dental practice joined to the family's home. His mom, Karen, filled in as a therapist before the introduction of the couple's four youngsters — Mark, Randi, Donna and Arielle.

Zuckerberg built up an enthusiasm for PCs at an early age; when he was around 12, he utilized Atari BASIC to make an informing program he named "Zucknet." His dad utilized the program in his dental office, so the secretary could illuminate him regarding another patient without shouting over the room. The family additionally utilized Zucknet to impart inside the house.

Together with his companions, he likewise made PC games for no particular reason. "I had a lot of companions who were craftsmen," he said. "They'd come over, draw stuff, and I'd fabricate a game out of it."

Imprint Zuckerberg's Education

To stay aware of Zuckerberg's blossoming enthusiasm for PCs, his folks procured private PC coach David Newman to go to the house once every week and work with Zuckerberg. Newman later advised correspondents that it was difficult to remain in front of the wonder, who started taking alumni courses at close by Mercy College around this equivalent time.

Zuckerberg later learned at Phillips Exeter Academy, a selective private academy in New Hampshire. There he demonstrated ability in fencing, turning into the skipper of the school's group. He likewise exceeded expectations in writing, winning a certificate in works of art.

However Zuckerberg stayed captivated by PCs and kept on chipping away at growing new projects. While still in secondary school, he made an early form of the music programming Pandora, which he called Synapse.

A few organizations—including AOL and Microsoft—communicated an enthusiasm for purchasing the product, and contracting the youngster before graduation. He declined the offers.

Imprint Zuckerberg's College Experience

Subsequent to moving on from Exeter in 2002, Zuckerberg enlisted at Harvard University. After his sophomore year, Zuckerberg dropped out of school to give himself to his new organization, Facebook, full time.

By his sophomore year at the Ivy League establishment, he had built up a notoriety for being the go-to programming designer nearby. It was around then that he constructed a program called CourseMatch, which helped understudies pick their classes dependent on the course determinations of different clients.

He additionally developed Facemash, which looked at the photos of two understudies nearby and permitted clients to decide on which one was increasingly appealing. The program turned out to be uncontrollably mainstream, however was later closed somewhere around the school organization after it was considered improper.

In light of the buzz of his past tasks, three of his kindred understudies—Divya Narendra, and twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss—searched him out to take a shot at a thought for a long range informal communication site they called Harvard Connection. This site was intended to utilize data from Harvard's understudy arranges so as to make a dating site for the Harvard first class.

Zuckerberg consented to help with the venture, yet before long dropped out to take a shot at his own informal communication site, The Facebook.

Imprint Zuckerberg and Founding Facebook

Zuckerberg and his companions Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin made The Facebook, a site that permitted clients to make their own profiles, transfer photographs, and speak with different clients. The gathering forced the site to leave an apartment at Harvard University until June 2004.

That year Zuckerberg dropped out of school and moved the organization to Palo Alto, California. Before the finish of 2004, Facebook had 1 million clients.

In 2005, Zuckerberg's endeavor got an immense lift from the investment firm Accel Partners. Accel put $12.7 million into the system, which at the time was open just to Ivy League understudies.

Zuckerberg's organization at that point conceded access to different universities, secondary school and global schools, pushing the site's participation to more than 5.5 million clients by December 2005. The site started pulling in light of a legitimate concern for different organizations that needed to publicize with the well known social center.

Not having any desire to sell out, Zuckerberg diverted down ideas from organizations, for example, Yahoo! also, MTV Networks. Rather, he concentrated on extending the site, opening up his undertaking to outside designers and including more highlights.

'Harvard Connection' and Legal Hurdles

Zuckerberg appeared to be going no place yet up. Be that as it may, in 2006, the business head honcho confronted his first huge obstacle: the makers of Harvard Connection asserted that Zuckerberg took their thought, and demanded the product engineer expected to pay for their business misfortunes.

Zuckerberg kept up that the thoughts depended on two totally different sorts of interpersonal organizations. After legal advisors looked through Zuckerberg's records, implicating texts uncovered that Zuckerberg may have deliberately taken the licensed innovation of Harvard Connection and offered Facebook clients' private data to his companions.

Zuckerberg later apologized for the implicating messages, saying he lamented them. "In case you will proceed to construct a help that is persuasive and that many individuals depend on, at that point you should be developed, right?" he said in a meeting with The New Yorker. "I think I've developed and taken in a great deal."

Albeit an underlying settlement of $65 million was come to between the two gatherings, the legitimate disagreement about the issue proceeded with well into 2011, after Narendra and the Winklevosses asserted they were deceived concerning the estimation of their stock.


Imprint Zuckerberg Fact Card

'The Social Network' Movie

In 2010, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's film The Social Network was discharged. The widely praised film got eight Academy Award selections.

Sorkin's screenplay depended on the 2009 book The Accidental Billionaires, by essayist Ben Mezrich. Mezrich was vigorously reprimanded for his re-recounting Zuckerberg's story, which utilized created scenes, rethought exchange and anecdotal characters.

Zuckerberg questioned the film's account, and later told a correspondent at The New Yorker that a considerable lot of the subtleties in the film were wrong. For instance, Zuckerberg had been dating his long-lasting sweetheart since 2003. He additionally said he was never keen on joining any of the last clubs.

"It's intriguing what stuff they concentrated on getting right; like, each and every shirt and wool that I had in that film is really a shirt or downy that I claim," Zuckerberg told a journalist at a startup gathering in 2010. "So there's so much stuff that they got off-base and a lot of irregular subtleties that they got right."

However Zuckerberg and Facebook kept on succeeding, notwithstanding the analysis. Time magazine named him Person of the Year in 2010, and Vanity Fair put him at the highest point of their New Establishment list.

Facebook IPO

In May 2012, Facebook had its first sale of stock, which raised $16 billion, making it the greatest Internet IPO ever.

After the underlying achievement of the IPO, the Facebook stock cost dropped fairly in the beginning of exchanging, however Zuckerberg is relied upon to climate any good and bad times in his organization's market execution.

In 2013, Facebook made the Fortune 500 rundown just because—making Zuckerberg, at 28 years old, the most youthful CEO on the rundown.

Counterfeit News and Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Zuckerberg was condemned for the multiplication of phony news posts on his site paving the way to the 2016 U.S. presidential political race. In mid 2018, he reported an individual test to create improved strategies for guarding Facebook clients from misuse and impedance by country states. (Past close to home difficulties started in New Year's 2009 and have included just eating meat he executed himself and figuring out how to communicate in Mandarin.)

"We won't forestall all mix-ups or misuse, however we right now make an excessive number of mistakes upholding our approaches and forestalling abuse of our instruments," he composed on his Facebook page. "On the off chance that we're fruitful this year, at that point we'll end 2018 on a greatly improved direction."

Zuckerberg experienced harsh criticism again a couple of months after the fact when it was uncovered that Cambridge Analytica, an information firm with connections to President Donald Trump's 2016 battle, had utilized private data from around 87 million Facebook profiles without the interpersonal organization cautioning its proprietors. The subsequent clamor appeared to shake speculators' trust in Facebook, its offers dropping by 15 percent after the news got open.

Following a couple of days' quietness, Zuckerberg surfaced on different outlets to clarify how the organization was finding a way to confine outsider designers' entrance to client data, and said he would be glad to affirm before Congress.

On Sunday, March 25, Facebook took out full-page advertisements in seven British and three American papers, wrote as an individual statement of regret from Zuckerberg. He guaranteed the organization would explore the entirety of its applications, and remind clients which ones they can close off. "I'm sorry we didn't accomplish more at that point," he composed. "I guarantee to improve the situation for you."

In the midst of expanding requires his acquiescence from speculator gatherings, Zuckerberg made a trip to Capitol Hill and met with administrators in front of his two-day declaration, planned for April 10 and 11. The main day of hearings, with the Senate Commerce and
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2020.02.18 06:31 ND_PC The r/MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament: Redemption House - Day 22 (Semifinal #1)

Hey, losers! We’re already at the semifinals of the Redemption House! How could this be? It seems like just yesterday that u/HereToTalkTV and u/DurtyMurty11 were the first teams to be double-eliminated and go a very impressive 0-2. But, here we are, with a couple of 4-1 teams and a couple of 3-1 teams going at it in the penultimate round of the Redemption House, or as we who run the Redemption House like to call it, the Redemption House. So come one, come all, and come join us as losers continue to battle head-to-head to fight for redemption, overcoming embarrassing losses, terrifying finals, and (supposed) voter insanity. Things are really heating up, and by the end of the week, we’ll be able to crown MtvChallenge’s best losers! While there will be no re-entry into the Winner’s Bracket, one team (per bracket) will find itself the Ruler of Redemption.
Before we get to the voting, let’s recap last night’s fantasy match-ups.
Real World Bracket (written by the excellent u/ND-PC)
Match 1.0
This final was basically a triathlon + a row and a riddle. So like a weird pentathlon that nobody asked for. And although it was close, this marks the end of mod presence in the fantasy tournament. You know what that means, folks? No more rules! We can finally do whatever the heck we want without the fear of being moderated! u/BCastle18 is our savior! There’s no way this could possibly go wrong! Anarchy is the way to the truth! Fight the power!
Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the mods are gone and I’m very sad to see the last of them depart this spectacular event. It takes good leadership to form a strong community, and I believe this subreddit is a hell of a strong community if there ever was one. We owe the mods a debt of gratitude for hosting events like this tournament, episode discussions, unpopular opinion threads, etc. all while trying to keep the sub free from spoilers, and succeeding. It’s thanks first and foremost to them that we all have this lovely internet playground.
Anyway, onto the topic at hand. In all likelihood, people probably assumed that Landon and Adam were more physically fit than Cohutta and Ace. Those people were right, so they made good assumptions. Couple that with the assumption that Sylvia and Natalie are in better shape than Evelyn and Ashley K, and you’d be batting .500, because that’s a terrible assumption. Much to the dispute of my post partner u/MandyMTV, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that Ashley K is a fitness icon. And, for crying out loud, Evelyn is Evelyn! In my mind, the strength of the women on team Adore Delano 2020 is enough to tip the scales their way, at least for the run and the bike.
Buuuut the row was done as a team, the riddle was done as a team, and the swim probably tips the scale back to u/BCastle18’s team (Sylvia is part fish, after all, and Landon and Adam >> Cohutta and Ace in the water), so I do understand how they come out on top. Still, though, QUEEN EVELYN DESERVED BETTER. Evelyn, if you’re reading this, pm me. My username is u/ND_PC and I love you.
All in all, it was a close match and both teams should be very proud of how far they’ve come. To u/honestkodaline and u/priorsloth, I congratulate you for getting this far but it ends your time here on the MtvChallenge fantasy tournament. Take care of yourselves. To u/BCastle18, congratulations on moving on to the Redemption House semifinals!
Match 2.0
CT is better than Derrick. Mike is better than Nehemiah. Everyone knows this and everyone agrees. Why are you booing me? I’m right. Yeah, we only got one season of Mike, and he’s basically a carbon copy of Abram with only 65% of the intensity, 60% of the suave, 40% of the competitive spirit and probably ~78% of the strength, but he’s just plain better than Nehemiah. Especially coupled with CT, Mike is a formidable competitor who has no obvious shortcomings. The pair of Nehemiah and Derrick, on the other hand, complement each other like applesauce and peanut butter. Go, try it, prove to me that you can eat those two things with any modicum of harmony inside you. You can’t. This is what Nehemiah and Derrick would be like if they were the only two guys on a team.
This final wasn’t a no-brainer, obviously, but it’s clear that CT and Mike would excel at the stretcher-carry, and Aviv would lift the team in the memory puzzle. On the other side of things, Amanda would contribute zero to a team that also had Derrick, Nehemiah, and Veronica. You see, the players on a team are supposed to complement one another’s skill sets. Amanda adds nothing to the team that isn’t already provided by her teammates. Her grating voice? Derrick already has one. Her puzzle/riddle smarts? Covered by Nehemiah. Her political savvy combined with her fit-girl bod? Veronica is already on the team! So Amanda is a total net zero here. I like Amanda as much as the next person - truly, I do - but I don’t see her gelling well with this team so much.
And then there’s Brittini Sherrod. She is the anti-Amanda. She, like her teammate Aviv, is a one-season wonder who could do no wrong. She was amazing with Landon as a partner and she was drop dead gorgeous. She was cast on the show after appearing on only two episodes of the Real World! What an icon. She had a great laugh and a loving smile, and I can just tell that her mere presence would be a confidence boost for her three teammates.
So, in short, while Amanda is coming up with some heinous excuses for why she can’t complete the simple tasks in front of her (like sorting wood per a pre-arranged pattern), the lovely foursome on Team Backpack would be happily galavanting from task to task in this final of whimsical miscellany.
So, congratulations to u/ry-guy2fly for moving on to the semifinals of the Redemption House! And to u/dolfan2354, we hope to see you again. You made it so far, and should absolutely be proud of what you’ve accomplished this off-season.
Road Rules Bracket - brought to you by u/MandyMTV who is alive and well, everyone! She’s not dead, she promises, just hungover. Please, bring her massive amounts of Pedialyte ASAP.
Match 1.0
u/phillyfly11’s ‘CJ’s Angels’ take this one, and everyone who voted for u/scyth13r’s team only voted for them because they confused Frank “So Boring I Make My TV Cry” Roessler with Frank Sweeney, the king of reality television. Frank is mad and he feels like it’s unfair. Frank thinks this is really shitty, he thinks you’re being fucking rude, and he doesn’t think there’s a fucking chance that anyone fucking watching out in TVland thinks its fucking cool for him to go in three times in a fucking row. That’s why he’s mad and that’s why he’s using 21 expletives in a single scene, okay MTV? Are you fucking okay with that?
Now, I understand that u/scyth13r’s team has a girl capable of a Titanic-like goodbye said to a woman she met a few days ago, but this truly doesn’t make up for the fact that the team also has a man who overuses expletives but still remains oddly calm, a girl who will fake headbutt her best friend, and Luke Wolfe, a man capable of withstanding horrifying, soul-crushing falls [1:20] because the only thing harder than liking Luke Wolfe is his head. You better shut him up in a very nice way so he isn’t that annoying. Are you gonna slap him? Then why the fuck did you put water all over him?
So, I give a truly heartfelt congratulations to CJ’s Angels. You didn’t pick Frank or Luke, and so you win. And to u/scyth13r, I say so long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.
PS. Y’all are way too obsessed with Ashley K. How do y’all function? Ashley “Wonder Twin” Kelsey is MTV’s second-best Barbie, significantly behind my favorite horse-faced Tori Spelling reject, and she thinks there are upwards of 60 continents. Over 60 continents. This girl ain’t shit and I’m not afraid to say it. [This is made exponentially worse by the fact that my partner in Reddit crime, u/ND_PC, thinks that Ashley K. is a fitness icon. Are you kidding me? We’re done. We’re divorced.]
Match 2.0
CT, Dan, Amanda, Mattie > Wes, Jamie, Holly, Melinda
I’m extremely upset about this vote. I mean, I get it. CT will smash your head and eat it. Dan will spend the entire final pining after Holly but reminding everyone he has a girlfriend. Amanda is a freckled motherfucker. Mattie calls herself Martha and cries over boys who ain’t shit [looking at you, Jeremiah].
But - Wes owns a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and thirty companies. Suck his dick, voters! He doesn’t want to sleep two feet away from a mongoose, and he will dump your mattress into a pool. Call him Lionel Wessi, because when you put him on a soccer team, he scores them goals. Do you want to have a constructive conversation, or do you want him to make you cry? Because he can go both routes. Everyone says extremely harsh things behind your back, voters. Everyone in this house thinks that y’all are extremely immature. You’re not deep enough for him, voters!
So, congratulations to u/hkotilla! Apparently people don’t like redheads as much as I thought. u/dirtykilla36, this result makes me sad, but your fantastic choice of team members makes me happy. Thanks for playing! Now go watch ‘Love is Blind’ on Netflix.
Now, let’s get to voting on today’s matchups! It’s the semifinals, guys, so I trust that you will all take extensive time and use your profound discernment to divine the proper team to elevate to the final match.
[Sidenote by u/MandyMTV: PC, who gave you a thesaurus and taught you how to use it? Good riddance.]
Real World Bracket
Match: u/ry-guy2fly’s “Team Backpack” vs. u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili’s “The Silent Assassins”
Final: Rivals III
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
[u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili] “The Silent Assassins”
Winner’s Logic
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
  1. CT doesn’t need an introduction, but I’ll give my team captain one anyway. CT, who fashioned the iconic Banana Backpack, is the greatest competitor of all time. For my team, I plucked him from his greatest season of all time. If you name a skill that can be tested on this show, CT excels in that skill. Endurance, strength, skill, puzzles, eating, and everything in between. CT dominates.
  2. Aviv Melmod is the biggest reason Darrell is considered one of the best competitors in challenge history. Aviv is a puzzle queen with endurance to match it. Her puzzle skill and fire was the biggest factor in separating her and Darrell from their finals opponents on Fresh Meat. She’s a combination of Diem and Evelyn. Heart, passion, smarts, and fire. While she only competed in one season, she showed a plethora of Challenge knowhow. If she would have returned to the show, she’d be recognized as one of the all time greats.
  3. Brittini Sherrod is another one hit wonder like Aviv. Although she didn’t quite reach the heights of her female partner, she showed that she doesn’t have a real weakness. She never gives up and maintained a close race against Rachel on Duel 2. Brittini will never flounder under pressure and will continue to push through any and all obstacles.
  4. Mike Boise only competed on one season, but it was quick to see the relation between him and his brother Abram. Mike has GUTS! While he hated the house environment, Mike showed excellent know how. He’s an in shape guy who attacks any obstacle tactfully. Mike and CT are a great fit together, because no matter how hard CT pushes, Mike will respond. His all around knowledge and skill will prove useful in a final.
[u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili] “The Silent Assassins”
  1. Alton Williams was an OG who competed on The Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2, Inferno 3 and Seasons 2. In his run of the Challenge, it was obvious that he had killer endurance, elite climbing skills, great agility, was a solid swimmer and good at puzzles. Really all that needs to be said is that he was capable of competing at a top level with almost anyone in almost any daily challenge in the show’s history. He also showed great leadership skills as well - capable of stepping up and leading a team. On Gauntlet 2, Alton won the initial Royal Rumble (where unlike the vet guys - the rookies actually competed) and became team Captain. He remained Captain throughout the entire show, going 3-0 in elimination (with arguably the greatest rope climb of all time against Adam K in Capture the Flag) and lead the rookie team to victory in the Final Challenge.
  2. Adam Larson is an OG competitor who participated in Seasons 1, The Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2. Although his time on the show was short, he always showed to be a popular figure amongst the group and could compete well in Challenges with good strength and endurance. Adam excelled on The Gauntlet, showing he could compete at a high level with many competitors we still consider elite today (Theo V, Abram, Darrell, Miz, Alton) and he won the overall season. He tied Theo Von with the most lifesavers won on the Road Rules team with 2 each and was a steady leadership presence on the male side the entire time.
  3. Considered one of the best to never win, KellyAnne Judd was the most feared woman on The Ruins and for good reason. Only on her second season, she had already made a name for herself by beating Rachel on The Island. Tall, strong, great swimmer and a great runner, KellyAnne did not get to show her full potential during the season for two reasons - 1. she had a terrible team, so they were losing the dailies all the time 2. the champion girls were terrified of going against her, even Susie, so they kept her out of the eliminations except when she defeated two champions in Evelyn and Veronica. She also did great in the finals and was close to pulling an upset win with Sarah over Johnny, Evan, Kenny, Derrick and Susie. Unfortunately, we only got two seasons of prime KA, but those two seasons are enough to show that she would beast any final with the right team.
  4. “Ninja is the only woman to finish the hardest final in The Challenge history" is a line we have heard multiple times. However, Ninja's impressive rookie run goes beyond that sentence. In the first episode, she is the first female rookie to finish the challenge/puzzle. She then goes to win 4 dailies before reaching the final. Her finals performance is still the biggest highlight, She outpaces every other woman, including Cara, has to do extra running than others by being thrown in a surprise elimination with the defending champ and overall, manages to keep up with her male competitors. Ninja is not a perfect player and WotW1 did not test all her skills. She might not be a good swimmer or great at communication, but her cardio and endurance skills are some of the best of all time. She has also proven herself multiple times at puzzles and her real-life profession as a rock climber means she is well suited for many finals. She is also someone who enjoys the challenges and the carnival game aspect of them and while she might become defensive when she does not gel with her teammates, we believe that in a team of calm positive competitors, a.k.a. Silent Assassins, she would not face that issue.
Rivals III Final Description
This two-day final consisted of several checkpoints, each outlined below (thanks to u/mthompson22599 for the info!.
Road Rules Bracket
Match: u/hkotila’s “Satan’s Asshole” vs. u/appropriatelywhelmed
Final: The Inferno 3
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
Winner’s Logic
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
  2. Dan: One of the top two performing males on this season which included Mark Long, Abe, The Miz, Derrick, and Brad... Also:
  3. Amanda: Solid at most aspects of the game, IMO probably the second-best puzzle solver to appear on the challenge.
  4. Mattie: Top 3 most physically imposing females to be cast behind Laurel and Late career Emily. A lot of shit has been talked on here about her stamina. Just remember, wherever you have Mattie ranked on endurance Georgia needs to be behind her. Plus she ran like 16-20 miles on a sand dune and was keeping pace with Cara during that time. Most finals don't even have a course even close to as brutal as that final meaning she will do fine on every other final
[u/appropriatelywhelmed] - this user did not provide any logic, so I (u/ND_PC) will be doing it in their stead!
  1. Dustin Zito - In my mind, Dustin is best known for looking like a woodland creature and being a pain in Alton’s side on BotS2, all while broadcasting how unashamed and totally secure he was about previously having done porn. He’s… fine competitively, but slightly forgettable if I’m being honest. I guess he’s strong? Or are those popcorn muscles? Who knows? Since his time on the show, he has been arrested for sexual battery. Do with that information what you will.
  2. Cohutta Grindstaff’s name sounds sort of dirty, but to my knowledge he has never done porn, unlike his teammate on this fantasy team. If someone can confirm or deny this, please don’t do either and keep it to yourself. I prefer to hink of Cohutta as an innocent southern charmer who uses quaint little southern expressions. He had a romance with Nany, and with KellyAnne before that. He was friends with Ace Amerson and he has a heart of gold. He’s a really pure person and a strong competitor all-around.
  3. Heather Cooke makes peeing yourself look almost cute and admirable - take note, Kailah! She was a one-off, competing with Cara Maria on her only season and basically dominating. Like a few other challengers, Cooke had professional athlete aspirations, but unlike most of the other competitors, she succeeded! She was on the Philippines national soccer team being the total boss that she is. Many fans believe that if she had stuck to the Challenge, she may have been in the uppermost echelon of female competitors. We don’t know what could have happened, but she is definitely a force.
  4. Veronica Portillo was most recently featured on the show as the object of CT’s season-long lamentation. Can we talk about how CT, a fan-favorite, was shitting on his partner all season and we somehow blamed her? Okay, maybe it was actually her fault for not training and not competing hard… but still, what a bad look for CT that we all collectively chose to look away from. Oh well! Anyway, the version of Veronica competing on this team was still in her prime. She was politically savvy, physically tough, adept at puzzle-solving and had tremendous mental strength.
The Inferno 3 Final Description - thanks to u/ry-guy2fly for the amazing description!
Each team starts off with four large puzzle pieces. Those puzzle pieces will be carried along the path for the entirety of the race. You will use these puzzle pieces to create a visual reconstruction of the big five animals in Africa (Lion, Leopard, Water Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhinoceros). You do this using big square blocks. For reference, Derrick is seen carrying two at a time and Evelyn carrying one. They’re bulky.
Which of these teams deserves to move on in our quest to discover The Challenge Fantasy Draft’s Biggest Loser? You decide.
Voting ends at 10 PM EST on Tuesday, February 18.
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2020.01.12 01:29 ohgosh123 Watching old seasons & wondering what “happened” to people & why they didn’t come back..

Never posted before. Don’t know what formatting or flair on reddit is or what’s really required (besides glancing over the rules of this sub) so if I fuck this up, please just give me a break & don’t be an ass haha 😆
So I finally broke down & bought a couple of the older seasons off of iTunes because my TV/internet provider is stupid & doesn’t have a deal with MTV so I can’t watch any old seasons through the app & the ones I can get on demand are the last 2 seasons..🙄 so anyways, paying $23-$27 per season for 10 or less episodes is kind of pissing me off but I love this show so WHATEVER.
Fresh Meat II Cutthroat Rivals
I wish Evelyn would come back. Yeah she acted like a baby bitch when she lost but she was a really good competitor & I’d love to see her brought back to go against all these new group of girl winners
Ditto for Coral. She was just hilarious.
I know Paula is a mom & has a family now but I really loved her...except, and I can’t believe I’m sticking up for her, but she was SO mean to Cara & then when Laurel stook up for her partner (Cara), Paula lost her shit & acted like she didn’t just say the same kind of hurtful things to Cara. Girls are stupid hahaha
Landon. He’s so nice to look at, he was a bomb ass partner to Carly, he performed fantastically, and he was so not into the drama part of the game which is nice & refreshing
Jenn..I just have always really liked her. I remember thinking it years ago & I still think it now. Even though she always seemed to make it to finals and then just shit the bed but oh well
Adam..him & CT killed it together on rivals2! I thought he was super talented, even outside of being CT’s partner.
Sarah...ugh, I’m still so mad at Bananas for burning her & being a huge (the?) reason for her not doing challenges. She’s one of my favorites of all time.
Now, Kenny was always freakin annoying, I don’t care to ever see him again. I really loved Evan. And I’ve not rewatched anything with Tonya yet, but I remember feeling bad for her & annoyed with her. I don’t really have an opinion on it, but I’m just wondering what everyone else’s opinions are about the accusations she made against them? I mean, they did portray her as super unstable in her seasons (iirc) but I truly hardly know anything aside from her accusations & that’s why the 3 of them haven’t ever been back. So I’m just curious as to everyone else’s thoughts?
To end this, can we just all agree that CT is, hands down, THE BEST CHALLENGER EVER! I just love him. Angry CT, fit CT, dad bod CT, sweet CT, and so on. Every version of him, I can’t help but love him. It made me so happy & so sad watching him & Diem 😭💔
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2019.12.02 11:20 autobuzzfeedbot The 26 most daring outfits Britney Spears has ever worn

  1. Britney embraced the sheer trend with this long sleeve mini dress for a pre-Grammys Gala in 2010.
  2. Britney wore this asymmetrical black dress with her long, blonde, mermaid-like locks down for the MTV VMA's in 2011.
  3. Eyes were all on Spears for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards as she slid into her medley performance wearing this red bejeweled bikini.
  4. She also took the plunge with this little laser-cut shimmering dress for the 2015 MTV VMAs.
  5. Britney crossed to the dark side when she rocked dark brunette locks with a low cut black sparkly dress for Elton John's Oscars viewing party in 2011.
  6. Spears took to the 2011 Billboard Music Awards stage in Las Vegas wearing a BDSM-inspired outfit, which matched with duet partner Rihanna in this black leather leotard with mask and even chains.
  7. Britney was the true fashion ringleader for her 2009 'Circus' tour wearing a sequin leotard leaving little to the imagination.
  8. Britney made her performance comeback at the 2007 VMAs wearing an all-too-familiar belly-showing outfit — an embellished bikini with fishnet stockings and black stilettoed boots.
  9. A heavily pregnant Britney wore this pale pink baby doll dress for the Teen Choice Awards in 2006.
  10. Britney decided to test out a new color for the NRJ Awards in 2003 when she accessorized her shimmery gold bustier dress with blue contacts.
  11. Spears went for this dominatrix-looking outfit for the 2003 American Music Awards.
  12. Britney channeled Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' video clip when she walked out at the 2003 MTV Awards stage wearing this white bridal inspired outfit, veil and all.
  13. Spears wore a pair of shrunken sports shorts with a striped halter-neck cop, showing off her famous pierced belly, for 'NFL Kickoff Live' in 2003.
  14. Britney poked fun at her fame by wearing The New York Post's famous gossip column Page Six across her chest and even one of their writers, Patricia Field, on her behind for the 2003 MTV Bash.
  15. Britney paid tribute to her performance duet partner Aerosmith by wearing a band merchandise crop top paired with a sporty arm sleeve, metallic pants, and messy rocker-chick hair for the 2001 Superbowl halftime show.
  16. Known to be quite the fan of the newsboy cap, Britney donned this black one with a bold leather vest and mesh skirt and thigh-high stilettos for the 2002 MTV VMAs.
  17. Who needs a necklace when a snake makes the ultimate accessory? Spears took the ultimate risk for fashion when she slithered into the 2001 VMA's in this tribal-inspired number for her 'Slave For You' performance.
  18. Britney and Justin made fashion history (and internet memes for life) when they turned up to the 2001 AMAs wearing their corresponding double denim ensembles.
  19. Spears left little to the imagination with this ultra thigh-high split maroon dress at the NRJ Awards in 2000.
  20. Showing off her Southern roots, Spears danced around in cream cowboy boots with a neon pink cowboy hat and a floral sundress for her performance on 'The Today Show' in 2000.
  21. During rehearsals for the 2000 Grammy Awards, Britney flaunted this skin-tight, red, embellished bodysuit.
  22. One of the few times in the early 2000s when Spears didn't show off her midriff — instead, the singer completely covered up in this turtleneck pastel prom dress for the 2000 Grammys.
  23. Proof that Britney made the daring thigh-high slit a thing before the Jenners. The singer wore this risqué black dress to the 2000 MTV VMAs.
  24. Because this 1970's-esque ensemble clearly wasn't eye-catching enough, the singer got a spray tan to match her outfit for the 2000 Billboard Music Awards.
  25. Spears showed up in this feathered and sheer polka dot dress, paired with dramatic 90's eyeshadow for the 1999 MTV VMAs.
  26. Britney influenced a generation of girls to embrace their school uniforms and wear pink marabou scrunchies in their hair after she debuted the iconic look in the 'Baby One More Time' music video back in 19919.
Link to article
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2019.08.28 07:14 Millionairematcher Millionaire dating

Millionaire Dating Tips -
How To Create Good First Impression You want to rich women seeking young men like you. Why a proven fact that? Well, having a wealthy girlfriend can be a lot of fun! Do you watch MTV Cribs? Imagine living in specific homes! In this article, I will give clever tips on where to meet rich women. Now, any of you, if not all, may well have asked, "Am I worthy in the place of Millionaire Match Dating Site Reviews?" the solution is Yep! Of program you are undoubted!
Why? Mainly because consumers need folks, even on the planet of online a relationship. People will need to get rid of their insecurity very first prior to they can completely enjoy theirs in regards to the internet dating knowledge. Now you’re on track with your host and domain plus the design. Choose the best clean and easy layout system which means that your look brings most return visitors. Make use of a color and design that will make new visitors come to your website page. To date a millionaire, an associated with caution in order to exercise. Your relationship and love in order to be a different entity from your money or wealth aspect. It is the best dating advice in Top 5 Millionaire Dating Sites Reviews 2019. Try not to be depending on the obscene wealthy of your mate you are dating. Allowed this to person require you without any consideration. You are not another asset added to his or her many properties. You deserve with regard to treated and accorded necessary dignity and respect as a consequence of you. Your millionaire should understand that you are not there for the wealth. Your interest depends on the person, not income. There is nothing an individual begging to gain. You have been living your own independent and self-sufficient life could you met this anyone. Why can doing all this have to take place? Simple. You would not should be stuck in limbo, right? Where does your partner think that you just casual daters as well as think that you have been serious? Or vice-versa? When that happens, a thing gets pretty ugly, pretty swift. The huge of targeting a product with broad appeal that you may cast your net very widely indeed, with numerous potential customers and prospects. Say, for example, you opted to develop a good dating worldwide web. A huge range of people could potentially be keen on it. But the market has already been completely saturated with Verified Millionaire Dating Sites. And you'll want to devise an approach for drawing those people and providing something the opposite sites try not to. Ever any stain on one's shirt you actually think is conspicuous, however, isn't it? You feel like the world is for the reason that ugly stain, and will laugh to you. But surprisingly enough, people would only notice the stain when pointing about it to these animals. But most likely, when meeting your millionaire match for the first time, you would feel tongue-tied, nervous, and flustered. A wonderfully reasonable response. But here’s my tip for you: believe of it as meeting your millionaire match, because it will probably be vastly intimidated. Imagine it as meeting an early friend. A person doesn't think of this that way, your mind has less stress to deal with an individual also would feel more stress-free. Do not fuss about small details much hair, make-up, and clothes because believe me, this matters little if the oozing with charm and confidence. It's all in serotonin levels.
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2019.08.21 02:16 zoomdaloop I have reset countless times without making it to a week and in 72 days it will have been one year since first trying NoFap.

PMO has had a negative impact on my life for quite awhile. I began PMO sometime around the age of 12 when I discovered the wonders of free internet porn. PMO would only be a monthly or sometimes weekly event that quickly escalated into a everyday thing, using any chance I was alone to masturbate sometimes to porn and sometimes not. I would get caught by my parents after bedtime, when I would sneak down to the computer to PMO, with my member still in hand. It was extremely embarrassing and shameful yet I would still do it after getting caught again and again.
Soon I would start becoming physically active with sports and weightlifting.Participation in sports in school was a great use of time to keep me from being bored and alone and often would leave me to tired to have urges. I still try to be active by running and calisthenics. As soon as summer would roll around, or that sports season had ended, I would begin give into urges again. A common pattern I would have is going to team weightlifting in the morning than come home to an empty house because the parents are at work. I would eventually become bored and be triggered by seeing attractive females with borderline pornography music videos on MTV or, of course, browsing the internet when no one was home.
As soon as I gotten an Ipod touch I had started watching pornhub every night to fall asleep. This habit has carried on well into college and till today. I wish I would've learned the error of my ways of continuing to let it become a daily habit in college. I couldn't understand why no one enjoyed talking to me, why it was difficult for me to maintain conversations and develop meaningful relationships. Not to mention the fact that all my friends would have no problem finding girls and I was oblivious to when a girl would be interested in me. fuck man I have even had girls ask me to hang out before and have it go over my head. College was when my PMO addiction turned into a once-a-day habit to a three or more times a day habit. I had the mentality of "if I can't get a girl atleast I have porn." A large trigger when it was a multiable times a day habit was having a hard workout and then coming home and immediately PMOing.
I also suffered from PIED and DE from my porn usage. There has been multiable times with 3 different partners and many different sessions with those partners that I could not get off from sex. It was great for them but extremely frustrating for me. I would be dripping sweat yet till trying to get my meat stick to work.
Since those days I have limited my porn usage to once a day. When the popularity of No Fap November started last year, and the combined shame of masturbating at school and work, I was compelled to try NoFap for the first time. Yet I only made it 3 days and would have erections that would hurt.
Now it has been close to a year since then I have made some improvements: I no longer have the urge to visit pornhub or watch videos involving sexual intercourse, and I have been able to O while with a girl. Unfortunately, I still have near consent urges in my head, especially while browsing Reddit or Instagram and it becomes the worse when I start browsing all.
Yesterday my mother complained about her hips hurting and wanting to go see a chiropractor. While I assured her that it may help, I encouraged her if see wanted long-term wellness to try stretching or even yoga as a start. She agreed to do a YouTube yoga video with and she stated that her hips had begun feeling better after. So, I had plans to do yoga again with my mother today after she got home from work, but since I was alone and let boredom get the better of me, I edged until she had came home. When she did come home I found a private spot in the house and PMO to gif porn. As a result, I felt extremely ashamed and isolated myself instead of trying to encourage healthy habits with my mother.
I need help if I want to overcome this addication and I see myself having already developing a addictive personality with marijuana, caffeine, and alcohol. I can not do this alone yet I don't really know how to reach out for help. I know posting on here is a start and reading at helps. I just don't have a support group. I have tried trying people about my masturbation problem in person but they either don't see it as a problem or just plain don't care.
tl;dr pmo is bad and leads you to a destructive lifestyle.
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2019.05.20 17:47 CryptoJennie I'm Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO of Hooch App and TAP Network. AMA!

Hello, I’m Lin!

I’m Lin Dai, CEO, and Co-founder of TAP Network. I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved with my family to Arizona when I was 12 years old. My father was a quantum chemistry professor at ASU at the forefront of developing computational models and simulations using the Cray Super Computer, so naturally, I gravitated towards computer science at a young age.
I attended Carnegie Mellon University and studied both computer science and business, and launched my first company out of my dorm, the first ever social network for teens, 4 years before MySpace. At the same time I developed the first ever credited course on Web Publishing for Carnegie Mellon, and upon graduation, became the youngest adjunct professor at CMU teaching the course I’ve designed.
My company was taken public and gave me the opportunity to move to NY, the media and advertising capital of the world, where I spent time at MTV/Viacom, and was eventually recruited by Alloy Media + Marketing, the parent company of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. to build out the company’s digital business. We successfully built the largest young adult advertising network at the time, reaching over 100M audiences, and over $200M in revenue. After Alloy, wanting to get back into the startup environment, I was excited about the mobile video space and joined a Canadian startup Keek as its CMO, and grew its audience to 75M users worldwide. The company was taken public on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
I returned to NY 3 years ago looking to start a new venture. I was dismayed at the state of the digital advertising industry and how major internet giants were unfairly exploiting consumer data. Combining my personal passion for rewards (I’m a bit of a travel rewards nerd), I saw the opportunity to disrupt the space by envisioning a universal rewards program where consumers earn rewards for sharing their data with permission. Around the same time, I fell in love with blockchain technology and its potential to usher in a new internet where consumers take control of their own data. Today we’ve built a network where consumers can delegate permission to their purchase data securely in exchange for rewards from 250,000+ top merchants and brand partners around the world, in travel, dining, entertainment, and e-commerce. Today our technology powers rewards for some of the biggest companies in media, entertainment, and blockchain, and we are just getting started!
Ask me anything! ______________________________________________________________________________________
Lin will be answering questions here in the comments—those that were submitted early in the announcement thread, as well as questions that come in live over the course of the AMA—under u/linxdai. ______________________________________________________________________________________
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2019.05.14 21:33 esisenore AMA with our CEO Lin Dai on May 20th at 9:30 to 10:30 PT time. Hosted by our friends at BAT: /r BATProject. GET READY!

We are taking community questions to submit them head over to the BAT reddit and submit your questions on the official thread at /r BATProject. Link is at the bottom of this thread.
Hello, I’m Lin! I’m Lin Dai, CEO and Co-founder of TAP Network. I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved with my family to Arizona when I was 12 years old. My father was a quantum chemistry professor at ASU at the forefront of developing computational models and simulations using the Craig Super Computer, so naturally I gravitated towards computer science at a young age. I attended Carnegie Mellon University and studied both computer science and business, and launched my first company out of my dorm, the first ever social network for teens, 4 years before MySpace. At the same time I developed the first ever credited course on Web Publishing for Carnegie Mellon, and upon graduation, became the youngest adjunct professor at CMU teaching the course I’ve designed. My company was taken public and gave me the opportunity to move to NY, the media and advertising capital of the world, where I spent time at MTV/Viacom, and was eventually recruited by Alloy Media + Marketing, the parent company of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. to build out the company’s digital business. We successfully built the largest young adult advertising network at the time, reaching over 100M audiences, and over $200M in revenue. After Alloy, wanting to get back into the start up environment, I was excited about the mobile video space and joined a Canadian startup Keek as its CMO, and grew its audience to 75M users worldwide. The company was taken public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I returned to NY 3 years ago looking to start a new venture. I was dismayed at the state of the digital advertising industry and how major internet giants were unfairly exploiting consumer data. Combining my personal passion for rewards (I’m a bit of a travel rewards nerd), I saw the opportunity to disrupt the space by envisioning a universal rewards program where consumers earn rewards for sharing their data with permission. Around the same time, I fell in love with blockchain technology and its potential to usher in a new internet where consumers take control of their own data. Today we’ve built a network where consumers can delegate permission to their purchase data securely in exchange for rewards from 250,000+ top merchants and brand partners around the world, in travel, dining, entertainment and e-commerce. Today our technology powers rewards for some of the biggest companies in media, entertainment, and blockchain, and we are just getting started!
Official thread to submit questions;
We will try to answer as many questions as possible.
Join the conversation at @tapcoinofficial on telegram.
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2019.05.14 21:03 CryptoJennie Upcoming Partner AMA with Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO of Hooch App and TAP Network: Monday, May 20th, 2019 @ 9:30-10:30am PT on r/BATProject

Hello, I’m Lin!

I’m Lin Dai, CEO, and Co-founder of TAP Network. I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved with my family to Arizona when I was 12 years old. My father was a quantum chemistry professor at ASU at the forefront of developing computational models and simulations using the Cray Super Computer, so naturally, I gravitated towards computer science at a young age.
I attended Carnegie Mellon University and studied both computer science and business, and launched my first company out of my dorm, the first ever social network for teens, 4 years before MySpace. At the same time I developed the first ever credited course on Web Publishing for Carnegie Mellon, and upon graduation, became the youngest adjunct professor at CMU teaching the course I’ve designed.
My company was taken public and gave me the opportunity to move to NY, the media and advertising capital of the world, where I spent time at MTV/Viacom, and was eventually recruited by Alloy Media + Marketing, the parent company of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. to build out the company’s digital business. We successfully built the largest young adult advertising network at the time, reaching over 100M audiences, and over $200M in revenue. After Alloy, wanting to get back into the startup environment, I was excited about the mobile video space and joined a Canadian startup Keek as its CMO, and grew its audience to 75M users worldwide. The company was taken public on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
I returned to NY 3 years ago looking to start a new venture. I was dismayed at the state of the digital advertising industry and how major internet giants were unfairly exploiting consumer data. Combining my personal passion for rewards (I’m a bit of a travel rewards nerd), I saw the opportunity to disrupt the space by envisioning a universal rewards program where consumers earn rewards for sharing their data with permission. Around the same time, I fell in love with blockchain technology and its potential to usher in a new internet where consumers take control of their own data. Today we’ve built a network where consumers can delegate permission to their purchase data securely in exchange for rewards from 250,000+ top merchants and brand partners around the world, in travel, dining, entertainment, and e-commerce. Today our technology powers rewards for some of the biggest companies in media, entertainment, and blockchain, and we are just getting started!
Ask me anything!
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The AMA will be held HERE on BATProject, Monday, May 20th, 2019 from 9:30-10:30am Pacific time.
Please leave your questions for Lin in the comments below. Questions will be collected, vetted and posted by your host, u/CryptoJennie, while the event is live (with credit to the OP). Questions that come in on the day of as comments in the live AMA thread will be of second priority.
See you there!
See our latest AMA with Jan Piotrowski, Des Martin and Brad Flora from April 10th, 2019 here:
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2019.04.28 04:54 d8uv Ultimate Song Tournament 1992-2007, or why “Under the Bridge” is the best song of the 90s and 00s.

I was curious as to what the best song of the 90s and 00s would be. To figure this out, I created a massive 256-song tournament, and ran through it with my partner antarris

Our Filled Bracket

What the hell is that thing up there

For each year in our tournament, I took the top 16 songs from Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 chart (which measures a song’s overall popularity over the course of the year), and seeded them appropriately (so that the more popular songs have a slight advantage). Then, I took the output of the 16 years, and ran a tournament to find the best song of the 90s, the best song of the 00s, then pitted those two winners in the grand final.
Note: In the filled-out bracket, we were mostly in agreement. When we absolutely couldn’t agree, we had to split. Splits are denoted by slashes; the song on top is d8uv’s choice, and the song on bottom is antarris’s choice.

Notes from the tournament

1992—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: Note: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–you know, the song that changed the entire rock genre—only got up to 32. And yet, “Just Another Day”, a song that you have never heard of, was the 10th most popular song. What the hell was wrong with the people of 1992? antarris: Not everyone was an angsty white suburban teenager, you know.

1993—Winner: “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang”

antarris: I don’t even know who like a third of these people even are. “I Will Always Love You” nearly won my bracket.

1994—Winner: d8uv: “Whatta Man”, antarris: “Don’t Turn Around”

antarris: The Sign was the first album I ever owned. I sang “Don’t Turn Around” in the shower through my mid-twenties. Sorry-not-sorry. d8uv: This was the year of Ace of Base, and as much as I love my trashy eurodance, the sound hasn’t aged particularly well. antarris: I live for my trashy eurodance. Fight me.

1995—Winner: d8uv: “Waterfalls”, antarris: “Gangsta’s Paradise”

antarris: “Waterfalls” is just a touch behind for me, probably because my little sister played it incessantly. She was seven. d8uv: Antarris called “Gangsta’s Paradise” out as “the only rap song every white person knows”. This was meant as a compliment, but I know better.

1996—Winner: d8uv: “Tha Crossroads”, antarris: “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”

d8uv: When pressed for comment, all antarris said was “... it’s a choo-choo train.” antarris: Pure fucking lyrical genius. “Tha Crossroads” is my second favorite, though. d8uv: Still, I found myself honestly surprised at how much I liked “Tha Crossroads”.

1997—Winner: “Wannabe”

d8uv: This—like 1994—was a surprisingly weak year. Every matchup other than the final was super easy, and even the final wasn’t that hard. antarris: “Semi-Charmed Life” was #17. It would have won my bracket. I probably should’ve bought it instead of recording the video off MTV.

1998—Winner: “How’s It Going To Be”

antarris: This year was also surprisingly weak. Lots of “this is my third favorite song from this artist.” d8uv: Elton John cheated with a mediocre song that made into two years of this tournament.

1999—Winner: “Livin’ la Vida Loca”

d8uv: This had the hardest matchup in the entire tournament. The seeding was unkind, and forced two songs that would have won the year if they didn’t have to clash. “No Scrubs” vs. “Livin’ la Vida Loca”. But, in the end, Ricky Martin just barely beat TLC. I’m still not sure if this was the right choice. antarris: If “No Scrubs” had won, it would have made it just as far as “Livin’ La Vida Loca” did. It’s that good. My mom thinks we made the wrong choice, though.

2000—Winner: “Smooth”

antarris: I honestly thought d8uv would fight me on this one. I remembered him saying he absolutely hated “Smooth”. d8uv: My dad only listens to Classic Rock. So, when Santana came out with new music, of course he had to Limewire it, and he loved those singles. I heard “Smooth” so many times my teeth fell right out of my head. Turns out, it’s actually a great song. Who knew?

2001—Winner: “Fallin’”

antarris: A garbage-ass year. I’m pretty sure I rounded third base listening to that Staind song, though. d8uv: I thought Dido would win, since I love that song and still play it. antarris: I think you mean “Stan”.

2002—Winner: “In The End”

d8uv: Hybrid Theory is the rare album that became better over time. antarris: Seriously. I hated this in 2002. Love it now.

2003—Winner: “Crazy in Love”

antarris: I had somehow never even heard “Crazy in Love” before. Wow. d8uv: This did not win because it was novel. Lord knows, these pop charts are filled with random songs that we’ve forgotten. Almost every single one was forgotten for a reason. antarris: To be fair, I think 2001 made me give up on pop music for like a decade.

2004—Winner: “Hey Ya!”

d8uv: Outkast was as popular as they deserve, for once. antarris: I was promised Enya. I got baby Adam Levine instead. What the actual fuck.

2005—Winner: “Gold Digger”

antarris: That’s not even the best song named “Shake It Off.” d8uv: Kanye can be very VERY good when he tries.

2006—Winner: “Crazy”

antarris: “Crazy” vs. “Ridin’” was hard for me. I’m still not sure if I made the right call. d8uv: Are you sure you weren’t thinking of the Weird Al version? antarris: Yes. Fuck off.

2007—Winner: “Umbrella”

d8uv: Here it is, the weakest year of the tournament. There’s like one, maybe two good songs in this list.

90s Grand Tournament—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: This was harder than the individual years, because we love every single one of these songs. “Under The Bridge” vs. “Nuthin’ but A ‘G’ Thang” was particularly brutal for me. antarris: We started listening to high-quality versions of the songs here instead of just streaming YouTube. Coolio going over Ace of Base in my bracket surprised me.

00s Grand Tournament—Winner: “In The End”

antarris: “Umbrella” over “Crazy” and “Gold Digger”? Really? It’s like I don’t even know you! d8uv: Should I pack up and leave? Maybe head to the train station? antarris: I picked the song about choo-choo tr--oh, I see what you did there. Not cool. d8uv: This song was always great, it just took a few years for people to forget the stank of nu-metal.

The Grand Final—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: They tried so hard, and got so far. But, in the end, it didn’t even matter. antarris: Afterwards, I looked up some of the history on “Under the Bridge”, and this makes sense. A funk-rock band wrote a song based on a poem and had it produced by Rick Rubin. It’s like catnip to both of us for completely different reasons. d8uv: The thing that clinched it for me was the realization that this song builds so beautifully. It’s dynamic in a way most pop songs are, but maintains being interesting even during the subdued opening. antarris: Yeah, I used an orgasm metaphor when I advocated for it. d8uv: Most of the songs on this list were pop songs that became art. This song felt like art that became a pop song. That’s pretentious to say, so just remember—I almost went with “Umbrella”.


I chose these years because I needed to cut 4 years to get 20 years down to 16. Because of this, I excluded the two lowest-revenue (according to the RIAA, adj. for inflation) years from the 90s (1990 and 1991), and the two lowest-revenue years for the 00s (2008 and 2009). It might have been better to include them, but I didn’t want to.
Because the Billboard year ends in November, if a song is released during the winter, it’s likely that it won’t show up as a smash hit for one year; instead, it will show up as a mediocre hit across two years. Some songs can pull off charting highly in consecutive years, but that’s really rare.
It’s important to remember the wise words of Binary Star: Everything that glitters ain’t gold, and every gold record don’t glitter—that’s for damn sure. The Hot 100 measures popularity, not cultural relevance or quality. A lot of very good, very important songs didn’t make the cut for this tournament, while a lot of long-forgotten dross did. Ultimately, I’m fine with this. Most of the fun of filling out the bracket was running into songs I don’t remember and going “What the fuck are YOU, song?”
For singles with an A-side and a B-Side (ex: “Follow You Down / Til I Hear It from You - Gin Blossoms”) I chose the first song. This is a little arbitrary, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.
Some additional caveats (because antarris is an academic pedant): this obviously has too small and homogenous a viewing audience to be objective truth. While both of us have pretty broad taste in music, there are some genres—mainstream country and slow R&B in particular—that neither of us is super into. This probably skews our results significantly, especially in the 90s bracket.
Also, a better way to determine our sample of songs would be to take a page from Good Mythical Morning’s cereal tournament and set up a poll for each year. However, getting a survey sample that’s representative of the population at large would be extremely challenging with an internet poll and, let’s face it, we’re not getting grant money for this shit.

If you disagree, you should fill out your own bracket:
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2019.03.08 17:12 honestkodaline War of the Worlds ranking - Round Two results

Yesterday voting continued for our War of the Worlds ranking. Here are the results for round two:
  1. Turbo — 253
  2. Wes — 241
  3. Amanda — 173
  4. Da’Vonne — 145
  5. CT — 133
  6. Georgia — 122
  7. Nany — 108
  8. Dee — 99
  9. Kam —75
  10. Jenna — 69
  11. Ashley C. — 60
  12. Mattie Lynn — 54
  13. Bear — 52
  14. Ninja — 49
  15. Leroy — 46
  16. Cara Maria —39
  17. Ashley M. — 35
  18. Kyle — 32
  19. Johnny Bananas — 31
  20. Josh — 30
  21. Theo — 27
  22. Hunter — 26
  23. Zahida — 26
  24. Gus — 26
25. Zach — 25
26. Paulie — 24
27. Natalie N. — 20
28. Morgan — 10
29. JP — 9
After losing five forgettable rookies in round one, round two delivered some surprises, with three vets getting the boot. I had legitimately forgotten Natalie was on this season until Kyle and Mattie called her out, so maybe it’s not that surprising to see her go.
Paulie and Zach, on the other hand, are much less predictable boots. Paulie has dominated most of the storylines so far on War of the Worlds, because MTV’s editors are apparently incapable of understanding that we don’t care about the Cara, Kyle, and Paulie fiasco. Zach has been through his share of controversy, but this season he's come across as a more grownup version of himself. He didn’t freak out when Bananas called him to elimination, he’s actually managed to be a respectful partner to Zahida, and he kept his cool when Cara went on a tirade against him at the killing floor. Still, he called Cara “Captain Jack Sparrow” and we learned that he downloaded Bumble in South Africa to, ahem, “see if it still worked.” (It’s unclear if Zach thought South Africa didn’t have working internet, or if he thought dating apps lost functionality in different countries. A perplexing comment, no matter how you look at it.)
Oh, and JP and Morgan are out, too.
We have 24 competitors remaining in our ranking. Somehow, Turbo fans are outnumbering those of Wes and CT, who have combined for what feels like eighty seasons. Where did these fans come from? Where are they going? Is someone actually going to beat CT in a fan ranking?
Amanda climbed into our top three, which is almost the last thing I expected, considering the hate she gets on this subreddit and Twitter. Soak her in while you can, because this is likely the last time we’ll see her on our screens. Oh, MTV. You never appreciate a good thing while you have it.
I changed survey sites for the upcoming rounds and made some improvements. After you vote, you'll now be able to see the results from all voting so far. (This way, no one will be able to claim that I'm stacking Amanda's votes, because that's absolutely something I would do.) I've also turned off multiple responses, so no one can submit votes more than once. If there's anything else I can do to improve the survey, let me know. I've never done anything like this so I'm on a learning curve.
The survey is now open for round three. As usual, there is no criteria for voting. Vote for whenever you’re most enjoying on War of the Worlds. Because I love chaos, this time you’re only allowed to vote for three competitors. It’s time to break some hearts. Let's get to it:
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2019.03.02 10:40 manhnhimbn Pallet nhựa Hà Nội, công ty sản xuất & bán pallet nhựa rẻ nhất cho các khu công nghiệp & chế xuất bao quanh

Pallet nhựa Hà Nội là một trong những từ khóa được tìm kiếm khá nhiều hiện nay, với rất nhiều khu công nghiệp, nhà máy phát triển kéo theo đó thì nhu cầu sử dụng pallet ngày càng nhiều. Để có thể chọn mua pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội đảm bảo chất lượng với giá cả phải chăng thì bạn hãy tham khảo ngay những thông tin chia sẻ sau đây nhé!

Báo giá pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội - Bí quyết chọn mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ Hà Nội

Hà Nội là một trong những khu vực có xu hướng sử dụng số lượng lớn các loại pallet vì tại Hà Nội tập trung khá nhiều khu công nghiệp, trong đó pallet nhựa là sản phẩm được sử nhiều nhất bởi độ bền và chất lượng mà pallet nhựa mang lại. Đặc biệt khi so về chất lượng thì giá bán pallet nhựa cũ, mới lại tốt hơn nhiều so với những loại pallet khác trên thị trường.
Để có thể chọn mua được pallet nhựa cũ, pallet nhựa mới chất lượng với giá rẻ thì trước hết bạn nên tìm hiểu một cách cẩn thận.

Bí quyết chọn mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ Hà Nội

Không phải ai cũng có kinh nghiệm trong việc chọn mua pallet nhựa Hà Nội giá rẻ, trước khi mua bạn nên tham khảo những thông tin sau đây:

Mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ hà Nội tại những địa chỉ uy tín

Tìm đơn vị cung cấp pallet nhựa uy tín là một trong những giải pháp hiệu quả giúp bạn chọn mua được sản phẩm chất lượng với giá rẻ.

Thăm dò ý kiến internet, ​​bạn bè, người thân để xác định giá pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội

Thăm dò ý kiến từ những người có kinh nghiệm và xem những đánh giá hữu ích để có thể chọn mua giá pallet nhựa giá rẻ tốt nhất.

Mua pallet nhựa ở Hà Nội với số lượng lớn

Nếu bạn muốn chọn mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ Hà Nội thì nên chọn mua với số lượng lớn, nếu mua pallet với số lượng càng lớn thì giá thành càng rẻ.

Yếu tố ảnh hưởng báo giá pallet nhựa giá rẻ Hà Nội

Giá mua pallet nhựa Hà Nội là vấn đề mà hầu như tất cả những doanh nghiệp khi chọn mua pallet quan tâm hiện nay. Tùy theo nhu cầu mà mỗi doanh nghiệp sẽ đầu tư những loại pallet nhựa khác nhau và từ đó giá thành sẽ khác nhau. Trên thị trường Hà Nội có rất đa dạng các loại pallet nhựa khác nhau, mỗi loại sẽ có những mức báo giá khác nhau tùy theo nhu cầu chọn mua của doanh nghiệp.

Tình trạng chọn mua pallet nhựa mới Hà Nội, Pallet nhựa cũ Hà Nội

Hà Nội là một trong những khu vực có lĩnh vực kinh doanh mua bán pallet nhựa mới, cũ đa dạng với nhiều mẫu mã, kích thước khác nhau. Với các loại pallet nhựa mới và pallet nhựa cũ khi chọn mua thì tất nhiên giá thành sẽ có sự chênh lệch, còn nhiều hay ít thì tùy vào đơn vị cung cấp. Thanh lý pallet nhựa cũ Hà Nội sẽ có mức giá rẻ hơn ⅓ lần so với các loại pallet nhựa mới tại Hà Nội vì vậy trước khi mua bạn nên cân nhắc sao cho hợp lý nhất.
>>> Có thể bạn quan tâm: Báo giá pallet nhựa, mua pallet nhựa cũ, mới giá tốt nhất

Cơ sở sản xuất pallet nhựa Hà Nội

Nếu bạn chọn mua pallet tại nơi sản xuất pallet nhựa thì giá thành sẽ rẻ hơn so với khi bạn mua qua trung gian của một công ty nào đó, khi đó bạn có thể mua được pallet nhựa với giá gốc. Đa số những công ty sản xuất pallet nhựa chủ yếu đáp ứng cho nhu cầu doanh nghiệp muốn đặt mua pallet nhựa mới và chủ yếu những cơ sở sản xuất pallet nhựa thường tập trung chủ yếu ở miền Nam, vì vậy ở miền Bắc chủ yếu kinh doanh pallet nhựa cũ. Và nếu muốn tiết kiệm chi phí thì mua pallet nhựa cũ cũng là quyết định không tồi.

Kích thước pallet ảnh hưởng đến giá pallet nhựa

Kích thước các loại pallet nhựa cũ, mới sẽ ảnh hưởng đến báo giá pallet, những loại có kích thước càng lớn thì giá thành càng cao và ngược lại. Hãy cân nhắc kích thước pallet sao cho tương thích với mặt hàng sản phẩm kinh doanh của mình để chọn mua loại phù hợp.
Quy cách của các dòng pallet nhựa Hà Nội phổ biến hiện nay
>>> Chọn mua kích thước pallet nhựa tiêu chuẩn, nhỏ, lớn giá rẻ

Phân loại pallet nhựa theo chất liệu nhựa ảnh hưởng đến báo giá pallet

Phân loại pallet nhựa Hà Nội theo chất liệu là một trong những cách hiệu quả giúp bạn xác định được báo giá pallet nhựa một cách chính xác nhất. Có hai chất liệu phổ biến sản xuất pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội là pallet nhựa tái chế và pallet nhựa nguyên sinh.
Pallet nhựa tái chế
Pallet nhựa tái chế hay còn gọi là pallet nhựa tái sinh bao gồm những loại như HDPE, PP, PE, ABS, PVC…được chế biến từ những loại nhựa thu gom được. Thông thường những loại pallet nhựa được sản xuất từ pallet nhựa tái chế có màu đục, chủ yếu là những loại pallet nhựa đục màu đen. Giá thành pallet nhựa tái chế tương đối rẻ những chất lượng lại rất tốt nên được khá nhiều doanh nghiệp chọn mua.
Pallet nhựa nguyên sinh
Pallet nhựa nguyên sinh bao gồm những loại nhựa như: PP, PC, ABS, PS-GPPS, HIPS, POM, PA, PMMA)... Đa số những loại nhựa nguyên sinh mềm dẻo, có tính đàn hồi, chịu áp lực cao, tính thẩm mỹ cao. Pallet nhựa nguyên sinh là những loại pallet hơi trong, chúng thường có màu xanh, đỏ,...So với pallet nhựa tái chế thì pallet nhựa nguyên sinh có giá thành cao hơn, tuy vậy vì chất lượng tốt và đa dạng màu sắc nên được lòng rất nhiều doanh nghiệp.
>> Mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ - nên chọn pallet nhựa thanh lý cũ hay pallet nhựa mới chất lượng

Top đơn vị cung cấp pallet nhựa uy tín tại Hà Nội

Công Ty TNHH Thiết Bị Công Nghiệp Đức Hòa - Chuyên cung cấp pallet nhựa chất lượng, giá rẻ
Hiện nay trên địa bàn Hà Nội có rất nhiều đơn vị kinh doanh pallet nhựa tại nhiều tỉnh thành khác nhau như: pallet nhựa Hà Đông, pallet nhựa Đông Anh, pallet nhựa Thanh Trì,... vì vậy để tìm được cơ sở kinh doanh uy tín chuyên cung cấp những sản phẩm chất lượng, giá rẻ không hề đơn giản. Nếu không tìm cẩn thận thì rất dễ mua phải sản phẩm kém chất lượng với giá trên trời.
Mặt hàng pallet nhựa đa dạng với rất nhiều mẫu mã, màu sắc, kích thước khác nhau, tốt nhất để pallet được sử dụng một cách hiệu quả và tiết kiệm chi phí thì việc chọn mua pallet nhựa phù hợp với nhu cầu là điều mà bạn nên quan tâm.
Một trong những công ty uy tín, nổi tiếng với các mặt hàng pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội là Công Ty TNHH Thiết Bị Công Nghiệp Đức Hòa, là thành viên Vip Partner MuaBanNhanh uy tín được sự hỗ trợ chăm sóc của Chuyên Viên Tư Vấn Marketing Online - Lâm Lợi Mua Bán Nhanh. Đây là một trong những cơ sở tốt nhất để chọn mua pallet nhựa giá rẻ, đảm bảo chất lượng và đây cũng là địa chỉ cho thuê pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội được nhiều người đánh giá cao với dịch vụ chuyên nghiệp, giá cả hợp lý.
Với việc đăng ký Vip MuaBanNhanh, Công Ty TNHH Thiết Bị Công Nghiệp Đức Hòa đã có ngay website với sub ChatNhanh hỗ trợ trỏ tên miền chỉ sau 30 phút:
>>> Xem chi tiết thông tin báo giá pallet nhựa tốt được cập nhật mỗi ngày: Công ty bán pallet nhựa cũ giá rẻ tại Hà Nội 1000x1000x120 mm
Bên cạnh đó bạn có thể tham khảo thêm một số công ty sản xuất & bán pallet nhựa trên toàn quốc được nhiều người chia sẻ hiện nay như:
Hà Nội là thủ đô của nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam và cũng là kinh đô của hầu hết các vương triều phong kiến Việt trước đây. Hà Nội là thành phố trực thuộc trung ương có diện tích lớn nhất cả nước từ khi tỉnh Hà Tây sáp nhập vào, đồng thời cũng là địa phương đứng thứ nhì về dân số với gần 8 triệu người (năm 2018), tuy nhiên, nếu tính những người cư trú không đăng ký thì dân số thực tế của thành phố này năm 2017 là hơn 9 triệu người. Mật độ dân số tại Hà Nội là 2.209 người/km2, mật độ giao thông là 95,94 xe/km2 mặt đường. Hiện nay, Hà Nội và Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh là hai đô thị loại đặc biệt của Việt Nam.
Lý do tại Hà Nội xuất hiện nhiều địa chỉ mua bán pallet nhựa, đặc biệt là pallet nhựa cũ bởi tại đây có rất nhiều khu công nghiệp lớn nhỏ khác nhau, một số khu công nghiệp tại Hà Nội như:

Tìm hiểu quy trình tạo ra tấm pallet nhựa Hà Nội

Để có thể sản xuất pallet nhựa Hà Nội thì chúng ta chỉ cần trải qua một vài công đoạn đơn giản, một số công đoạn chính quan trọng mà các nhà sản xuất quan tâm là lựa chọn nguyên liệu, máy ép chất lượng và khuôn đúc tốt nhất.

Chọn lựa nguyên liệu nhựa hạt nhựa loại tốt

Nguyên liệu thường sử dụng để sản xuất pallet nhựa chủ yếu là loại nhựa PET tái chế và nhựa HDPE, đây là 2 loại nhựa có độ bền cao, chịu nhiệt, chịu lực cao,...đặc biệt chúng có thể được tái chế sử dụng nhiều lần.

Máy ép nhựa tiêu chuẩn chất lượng cao, công nghệ hiện đại

Một chiếc máy ép chất lượng với công nghệ hiện đại thì quy trình sản xuất pallet nhựa sẽ trở nên trơn tru, đảm bảo được những yêu cầu về chất lượng, độ bền và tiết kiệm thời gian hiệu quả.

Khuôn đúc loại tốt nhất gia công chi tiết tỉ mỉ tránh lỗi sản phẩm khi ép

Sau khi kiểm tra một cách chi tiết và cẩn thận thì nhà sản xuất pallet sẽ tiến hành tạo khuôn theo đúng kích thước đo đạc ban đầu. Khi hoàn thiện sẽ kiểm tra lại lần nữa và cho sản phẩm vào kho lưu giữ để xuất khẩu ra thị trường sử dụng.

Ưu nhược điểm pallet nhựa cũ và pallet nhựa mới

Pallet nhựa được ứng dụng rất nhiều trong cuộc sống hằng ngày và là một trong những thiết bị công nghiệp không thể thiếu nhằm giúp nâng cao hiệu quả công việc, tiết kiệm thời gian, tiết kiệm chi phí hiệu quả.
Một số công dụng của các dòng pallet nhựa

Ưu nhược điểm pallet nhựa cũ

Mặc dù đã qua sử dụng những những loại pallet nhựa cũ vẫn còn giá trị sử dụng cao khoảng 90 đến 95%, thậm chí có những loại còn tới 98%, đặc biệt với giá thành rẻ thì đây chính là một lợi thế khi chọn mua pallet nhựa cũ Hà Nội. Tuy nhiên khi mua pallet nhựa đã qua sử dụng thì thường các sản phẩm sẽ không thể đồng bộ về mặt hình thức.
>>> Pallet nhựa cũ giá rẻ - lý do nhiều doanh nghiệp chọn pallet nhựa thanh lý để sử dụng

Ưu nhược điểm pallet nhựa mới

Với những loại pallet nhựa mới thì các kích thước, mẫu mã, màu sắc sẽ được đồng bộ và bạn có thể thoải mái đặt mua theo yêu cầu của mình. Tuy nhiên so với pallet nhựa cũ Hà Nội thì chi phí đầu tư sẽ cao hơn khá nhiều.

Địa chỉ bán pallet nhựa Hà Nội tốt nhất

Tìm nhà cung cấp pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội là một trong những vấn đề mà nhiều doanh nghiệp quan tâm hiện nay. Nếu bạn tìm mua pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội từ những đơn vị uy tín thì chắc chắn bạn có thể mua được sản phẩm chất lượng với giá tốt nhất cùng chế độ bảo hành và dịch vụ bán hàng chuyên nghiệp. là một trong những nơi có thể giúp bạn tìm kiếm được địa chỉ bán pallet nhựa tại Hà Nội tốt nhất với nhiều gian hàng mua bán uy tín, bạn có thể dễ dàng đặt mua những sản phẩm pallet nhựa theo nhu cầu của mình.
Bên cạnh đó nếu bạn trở thành thành viên Vip MuaBanNhanh thì sẽ được hưởng rất nhiều lợi ích từ MuaBanNhanh. MuaBanNhanh là trang thương mại điện tử trung gian hỗ trợ cho người có nhu cầu mua bán, kinh doanh một cách tốt nhất.

Tại sao bạn nên tham gia MuaBanNhanh ngay bây giờ? là trang thương mại điện tử giúp người bán và người mua có thể tiếp cận nhau một cách dễ dàng, với người mua họ dễ dàng tìm được địa chỉ uy tín cung cấp sản phẩm những sản phẩm mà họ muốn, đối với người bán thì họ sẽ dễ dàng tiếp cận được nhiều khách hàng tiềm năng khi tham gia đăng ký và trở thành thành viên Vip MuaBanNhanh.
VIP MuaBanNhanh là các thành viên trả phí cố định hàng tháng cho các gói VIP cung cấp bởi MuaBanNhanh hoặc đăng ký theo thời hạn 03, 06, 12 tháng. Thành viên VIP sẽ có những quyền lợi về tin đăng và được nhận các ưu đãi hơn so với thành viên thường.
>>> Tại Mua Bán Nhanh thành viên thường khác thành viên VIP như thế nào?
>>> Hướng Dẫn Tạo Page Trên Muabannhanh - Vippage Mua Bán Nhanh
“ là một trong những công cụ hữu hiệu giúp những người bán hàng trên Internet giải quyết hiệu quả các bài toán trên. Với mục tiêu trở thành nơi khởi đầu để tiếp cận thương mại trực tuyến của các cá nhân, tiểu thương, doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ, định hướng trở thành một nền tảng bán hàng bằng di động phù hợp cho mọi người mà không có bất cứ rào cản công nghệ nào” >>> Báo vnexpress đưa tin về
Địa chỉ cung cấp pallet nhựa Hà Nội chất lượng, giá rẻ từ người bán uy tín Vip MuaBanNhanh chuyên mục: Pallet nhựa
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